Recommended variable DC power supply for driver and LED testing?

I have been programming and flashing drivers with ATtiny13a chip and want to get a good testing setup. As I want to test low voltage and cut off voltage behavior I would like to use a variable DC power supply. Can anyone recommend me a good but not so expensive one that can supply at least 5A?
Something like this one:
It looks ok but I’d like some recommendations from people here who have had hands on experience.

Nice deal!

Attractive for USA only… :frowning:

Masteck and the many clones as the ones you listed should be OK. I have two, one 30V to 10 Amps and an old B&K which is 50V @ 2 Amp. Finding used Tektronix and HP supplies, at the right price, is almost a lottery.

Having the ability to set voltage and current limits is nice. The problems with the cheap stuff is I have to really monitor the outputs as I don’t trust them fully. My Mastech is not bad for the price, regulation and ripple are OK for LED use.