Record breaking 260 lumens OTF single AA Eeloop Zebralight

The king of AA is still THE KING
New record breaking 260 lumens from one AA Eneloop

What an impressive achievement ... 260 Lumen and all flood ... just wow ... that would be more than my Klarus P2A with 2AA... and so small. I hope they bring out a neutral version soon and I hope that "GITD reflector" doesn't turn the overall tint green.

What's New:
  • Record breaking 260Lm ANSI from one AA Eneloop (more output with Energizer L91 lithium)
  • Record breaking 3 months runtime at min output (longer runtime with Energizer L91 lithium)
  • All levels are current regulated.
  • Battery capacity indicator (LED flashes 1-4 times. 4 short clicks to start)
  • Low battery alert when the light is switched Off (LED flashes every 80 seconds if the battery voltage is below 1.06V)
  • Programmable M2 and L2
  • LED driver circuits sealed completely from the battery chamber
  • Unibody design (improved from the H501, similar to the H51)
  • Recessed switch (improved from the H51 and H501)
  • 11 mm shorter than the H51 and 7 gram lighter than the H51
  • GITD 'reflector'
Main Features and Specifications

  • LED: Cree XM-L Cool White (Norminal CCT 6300K)
  • User Selectable Levels: 3 main levels (High, Medium and Low). Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub-levels. The second sub-level of the each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels or strobes.
  • Light Output
    • High: H1 260 Lm (0.9 hrs) or H2 160 Lm (1.9 hrs) / 100 Lm (3.3 hrs) / 4Hz Strobe
    • Medium: M1 50 Lm (7.5 hrs) or M2 25 Lm (12 hrs) / 12 Lm (27 hrs)
    • Low: L1 2.7 Lm (4 days) or L2 0.34 Lm (3 weeks) / 0.06 Lm (2 months) / 0.01 Lm (3 months)
    • Light output are ANSI out the front (OTF) values. Runtime tests are done using Sanyo 2000mAh Eneloop AA batteries.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 0.7V - 2.5V
  • Battery: One 1.5V AA (NiMH, lithium or alkaline). 14500 Li-ion batteries are not supported. Batteries are not included in the package.
  • Parasitic Drain: Negligible (equivalent to 16 years)
  • Beam Type
    • Flood, with 120 degree beam spread
  • Dimensions
    • Diameter: 0.84 inch (21.3 mm)
    • Length: 2.76 inch (70.1 mm)
  • Weight
    • 1oz (29 gram)
    • 2oz (55 gram) with an Eneloop AA
    • 2.8 oz (78 gram) with an Eneloop AA and headband
  • Features
    • Electronic soft-touch switch, with a 200,000 cycle operating life
    • Smart user interface provides fast and easy access to all brightness levels
    • Precision machined unibody casing from premium grade Alcoa aluminum bar stock
    • Proprietary heat sinking design bonds the LED board directly to the unibody aluminum casing, providing unblocked thermal paths to over 92% of the surface area.
    • Durable natural hard anodized finish (Type III Class I)
    • Tempered optical grade glass
    • Battery power can be locked out by slightly unscrewing the tailcap to prevent unwanted activations or parasitic drain
    • Waterproof to IPX8 (2 meters, 30 minutes)


This light has 3 main levels (High, Medium, and Low). Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub-levels. The second sub-level of each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels or strobes.

  • Basic Operation
    • Short click turns on the light to High or turns off the light.
    • Long click (press and hold for about 0.6 seconds) turns on the light to Low.
  • Advanced Operation and Configuration
    • Short click turns on the light to High. Short click again quickly to cycle from High to Medium, and Low.
    • Press and hold to cycle from Low to High, release to set. When press and hold, the light always cycle from Low to High regardless which level you are currently in.
    • Double click to toggle and select between the two sub-levels for that main level. Sub-level selections (except the strobe) for the 3 main levels are memorized after the light is turned off and through battery changes.
    • The second sub-level of each main levels can be configured after 6 double clicks. Double click (startng with the 7th) to cycle and select different brightness levels or strobes. Short click to turn off the light when finishing configurations. The selections for the second sub-levels are memorized after the light is turned off and through battery changes.
    • This light uses the main LED (flashing 1 to 4 times) to indicate the estimated remaining capacity of the battery. To start the battery indicator, (from Off) short-click 4 times without pause.

Accessories in the package

  • Pocket clip
  • One black silicone holder with headband
  • Two o-rings

Same, and also I hope they bring it out in flashlight format, too.

I think you mean single AA's

As a side thought.. 260lm OTF requires 300lm on emitter, by datasheet, U2 XM-L produces that at 700mA (and has Vf of 3V). 700mA @ 3V would require 1.75A at 1.2V if efficiency would be 100%, but judging by runtime (0.9 hours from Eneloop) it drains ~2222mA from battery. Which means 79% efficiency - that's quite good for a boost driver with input voltage so low!

Which light are you talking about? Any links?

It's in their roadmap spreadsheet

But take it with a spoon of salts. The Q50 was planned to have been released by now but I have given up hope.

H502w 75CRI 4200K..... June 2012... yay

you're not going to buy it are you Vectrex?

what happened to your budging spirit?? ;)

I have been putting off, buying a Zebra for several years now... but I won't be buying it on the first available date. Zebralights are one of the few lights where there simply is no budget clone available that comes even close. I tried many... UF Hx series, Uniquefire UF-V4...

Oh My God!!!!!!!

What is going to be the price????

fran, 69$ ;)

Vectrex, you really seem to *need* headlights, dont you? For me it's easy to say 'No thx' since i am really not into headlights. When the T5 is released i may be interested in following its evolution. as we know, Zebralights always need several internal production iterations before growing to a mature flawless product, and pre-orderers are always the first to get ******.

i probably will never buy a ZL .. but i appreciate them for their optimized Eneloop technology. ZL shows what is possible with 1x Eneloop! ( i only use 14500 in my 1xAA lights like Quark, P1A and E03 XML and with these 3 lights i get easily more than 300lumens OTF )

Thanks Nick,

That T5 looks good (from the specs), I think Ill wait for it but wont hold my breath.

Although I'm interested to see what it will look like.

They need to stop this "no 14500" BS. If this is like the H51/SC51 it will work just fine on them and be even brighter and more efficient. I intend on finding out for myself. I'm waiting for the neutral though.

Well, nothing beats a hands-free light, when both hands are occupied with other stuff , e.g. repairing motorized and non-motorized vehicles.

Thanks kreisler. 69$ is not very expensive taking into account that many zebralights are even above 80$

What a very interesting light!

Interesting indeed and IMO floody is the only right way to make a headlamp.

Very cool but just too expensive for me.

I purchased this Headlamp.

260 lumens seems pretty accurate too, but I no longer can measure OTF lumens to confirm. I have a Peak Volcano and with 1.5A XP-G off IMR 14500 side by side (both mule conversions) they look identical in brightness.

With L91 cell it suppose to pull like 2A at the tailcap. So, just dont stick an Alkaline in there cuase it could leak and the high current will cuase cell sag and rob you of those 260 potential lumens.


Damn… 260 OTF lumens with 1xAA, what a beast.

Now to wait for a budget light to get the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh. This flashaholic business is a disease affecting the wallet :frowning: