Red, Gree, Blue, White hD2010 Woot!

Hey all,

Here's a "horse of a different color" for ya.

The host is an HD2010 body I converted to use an aspherical lens.

As you can see in the picture above it throws an enchanting beam 4 color chaos. The driver provides a full 1 amp per die to the emitter. It has several useful modes on the front end ( mostly in white) and has a good balance of use for the color settings as well.

This driver is an all custom design (not by me). Here is a video clip from it maker ( dan @ killer lumens) that will explain in far better detail the full range of options provided by the circuit.


The beam is a tight focused 4 or single color at a time laser like beam crated from a Cree Color Gen2 emitter on a RGBW sinkpad. The emitter has been de0domed to optimize throw. In the 4 color setting it does produce a quad die image, but there is a bit of distortion of the image around the edge of the dies, its most noticeable with the blue.

The lens fully housed in the bezel so a perfect head stand is doable.

The light will also double as a mule if the lens and retaining ring are removed.

Hope you all enjoyed the show!

Very nice, VoB! LOL...that beamshot reminds be of the Windows boot screen! :D

Would love to see some beam shots of the individual colors to see how the edge distortion really looks. ;)

Edit: What am I thinking? I can see it in the 4-color beam. The red isn't effected much but the blue sure is. Looks far better than I expected it would. Must be awesome to use it for pointing at stars and the like. Any idea of the throw distance with all 4 LEDs lit?

Great show :-) love those colours!

does CREE only sell this led ?

Nice, glad to see you got it going in time!

Pretty cool indeed. Congrats on the creation. I wonder if the blue die has a different light distribution pattern. I think blue laser emitters have more divergence than most green and red emitters

Would love to see a couple out of focus shots with all dies on. Opps, this is probably a fixed focus light.

Richard (RMM) sells them (

Very good job!! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Nice mod vob. Kinda reminds me I been looking for a host for a similar build. How about this one CK - UltraFire KX series led flashlights

Hm, I dont think so, its rotating zoom (means usually the LED shelf moves, we need one where the LED is stationary and the head moves). What about having something modded to take a side button? What about a hall sensor and a magnetic ring (that you wear on your hand to actuate it)?

Nice build. I'd be careful Microsoft doesnt come looking for you as that first picture looks like a trademark infringement.

I think it has to do with the sensitivity of the camera sensor at that wavelength, but I don’t fully remember.

I was thinking you should sell it to them :stuck_out_tongue:

MM, that’s a good point. It makes much more sense since we’re dealing with bare emitters and not coherent light.

This inspired me to throw a zoomie together