Red headlamps

Does anyone make red LED only headlamps? Was thinking it might be nice to get a 14500 headlamp in deep red. Haven’t found it yet.

So far the best lights I found are Zebralight h502r & Sofirn C01r.

You could modify an existing headlamp with a red led for what you want. You could even modify a multi emitter headlight for dual mode support Here’s a link to an FW3T I added a red channel to as inspiration

Good deal, maybe the Manker E02?

I think it would work, but it would be hard getting the bezel off it by the looks of it.

Which headlamp/s do you suggest for the mod?

I’d recommend modding the HL3A. It’s functionally identical to the FW3A and you can do exactly what I did to add a red light while still keeping the white modes.

I'm not a modder, but I like the HL3A as well.

That's no surprise as I like my FW3A a lot.

I’m not sure I can live with Ipx7. Any ideas what the weak point is on the headlamp?

It looks like an annoying headlamp having the head come off to change the battery, I don’t want magnetic tailcap or anything on the light magnetic to mess up my instruments or cards either.

On the plus side it has Andúril…

I see why you guys recommend it for modding, looks easier for that.

I’ve never seen a headlamp with a red color made. I wonder why you need it? I understand that there are people who buy headlamps to run at night, or in the end, to work at night. But I’ve never heard of people wanting to buy a headlamp with a red color :slight_smile: Suppose you are asking whether it is possible to find such a head light now. In that case, I can tell you that now, on the Internet, namely on Amazon, you can find everything you need. You will find it, so you should look better, friend. Do not forget that you need to buy a high-quality product.

Cheap and good for modding. Boruit Headlamp Review D10 (aka. EHL0628) - King of the Budget Headlamps? For red led you have to reduce current output by increasing sense resistor value (probably it will work)