Reflective paint

Is there anything out there that can be painted on and has a mirror finish or at least high reflectivity, like a silver or aluminum paint? Bonus if its removable
Never used it but the reviews sound promising

White is the most reflective paint, flat is more reflective than gloss, the more titanium dioxide the more reflective, here is a good one.

  • Spray on reverse side of clear glass for a reflective finish


There are chrome spray paint available which give a shiny chrome finish…

Alsa mirrachrome used to be the best. However I don’t think it is economically feasible for a flashlight. If they are even still in business.

It’s only $1000/gallon… or 4 oz for $65…

A few years ago I was helping to restore an old car, the headlamp reflectors needed re-coating and we were told by the plating works that chrome was not reflective enough and to go for bright nickel plating as it was what the original coating had been.

Ive been making chrome paint for about 10 years now.

I knew it was something like that. My friend used to be the Canadian distributor for them, but there was no market for it, unless you want your car to look like a bass boat.

Apply “glass-beads” on top of white paint using adhesive spray, like 3M 77.

These are used for sandblasting metal parts, industrial and automotive.
They Do reflect big time.

Alsa has been making chrome paint as long as us. Customers put our motochrome on all sorts of projects. Movie props, sculptures, mannequins, casino architecture, wheels, fishing lures, concept cars, automotive interior trim, snow mobiles, lighting etc.