reflector for xp-g2 c8

I recently purchased a couple of c8’s with Q5 emitters and would like to mod one to an xp-g2 and drive it at about 2.5 amps. Can I use the reflector for the Q5 or do I need to look for a reflector for an xpg? I like my C8 lights and want several variations of them. I have one with an Q5 driven at about 1.0 amps, one with an xre r2 driven at about 2.4 amps. I am buying a hard driven xml t6 rom my brother and currently have a lightmalls c8 with an xml u3 on order. I think the xp-g2 c8 will pretty much round out my c8 collection. I know it is not a c8 but I also have a Keygos ke-5 on order if it ever gets here. Right now it is 35 days and counting. I don’t have an xin td yet. I am having difficulty justifying the price for it but I might have to break down and buy one. Then I would truely have my c8 collection complete.

Nice surprise about this shorter form. Can you tell us what it is you are talking/writing about?
Has any info. about this shorter form been posted before (and i just missed it)?