Reflector suggestion? XPL-HI Maglite mod.

I’ve finally decided how I want to build my shorty D cell Maglite. The only question I have yet to answer is what reflector to use. I would like to stay away from plastic and I would like this light to throw above anything else.

Thanks for any suggestions as always. I wish my wallet liked this forum as much as I do… Who’s budget am I on?

Bump… Anybody?

Is the Rebel reflector plastic? An aspheric mightm be better for pure throw. Try Ahorton.

i built a aspheric with a xpl-hi a while back, turned out a pretty good thrower, and its easy to focus which is a bonus.

DX, Kaidomain, and AliExpress have carried aluminum M@G sized reflectors. Not as common as some years back when M@G-mods were numerous.
looks good

Hey Blue, I know you said no plastic but there’s really nothing out there that will throw better than the mag rebel reflector. It’s not like you’ll ever melt it or anything. If you insist on going with aluminum, the SST-50 reflector available from Fasttech/DX/KD with work fine and is plenty throwy. It needs a bit of machining to fit in a mag head but it’s nothing more than what you’ll need to do to chop your host. Some pics here from a build of mine.

If a 10-amp MTG2 won't melt the plastic Rebel reflector, your little baby XPL won't either. Are you really willing to give up throw just to be able to say it doesn't have a plastic reflector inside? It also fits better with zero work than anything you can adapt to fit in its place.

What's this weird affectation about not using the letters M, A, & G all together? Will they sue you for copyright infringement for using their name to describe their product?

Thanks guys. If you say the rebel reflector is the way to go I’ll swallow my pride and take your advise. Being a machinist I just have that bias against anything plastic.

Separation, gotta look at what works as compared to what’s needed or wanted. Separate the machining ideology from the need for throw, build the one that works. Maybe it’s the KISS rule. Machinists carve Delrin and Teflon, Nylon, Polycarbonate, all the time after all.

I started using M@G long ago on CPF. Maglite was NOT a fan of builders using their lights as hosts for high performance incan and LED lights. Some folks tried to buy parts from Maglite and were roundly dismissed and discouraged. So the M@G moniker became sort of an obvious way to differentiate flashaholism from factory approved products.

I threw all my Maglights In a dumpster a long time ago.

Off with his head.

I’ve rescued maglites from dumpsters, small world maybe?

Best possible reflector is the PA11.1 from Phoenix Electroforms. With protected aluminum PVD coating this’ll run $50 or so after shipping. Other choices are Ledil Mirella’s (plastic), DX 12229 (requires rework), the “SST-50” reflector (requires rework), the new Khatod Mickey’s (untested), and some other imports around ~50mm diameter that also require rework. I have several remachined “SST-50” reflectors on hand if you want one.

Personally I’d start with one of the gen1 LED mags and use its stock reflector.

Edit: I actually have one of those Phoenix PA11.1, but I haven’t put it in a build yet. To use it in a mag, the heatsink needs to be recessed about .6” into the mag body. It looks optically flawless tho. Be sure and pair it with a UCL lens.

They make great hosts, why would you throw them out? Many people here could have used them. I personally would have paid at least shipping cost from you to me.

I take it you don’t machine plastic?

Plastic is a good led reflector material tho. Since it is molded it can have a really smooth surface even though the cost is kept low. Plastic can be PVD coated like metal reflectors too.

Flashlight heresy.

Rebel reflector on the left. Incan reflector on the right

Tarver is not allowed in my house! These may look like trash but there are some real work horses in this modded mess.

Heck of a good reflector for throw. Machine work needed. Ditch the pill and go with a H22 style heat sink. I make my own copper pressed in aluminum heat sink.
Another choice might be Kaidomain
Although I haven’t tried it in a Maglite did shoe horn (Machine) into a Jacob A60 direct drive XPG2 S4 2B. Again machine work needed and custom heat sink for the Maglite.
To the Maglite haters check out this thrower as it handily spanks 99% of the retail throwers made. NiMH powered.