Reflector suggestion? XPL-HI Maglite mod.

Willie, link is broken, “Page Not Found”
If you can fix the link, I’d like to see this throw monster.

Link fixed.

I may give one of those a try!
I have also been looking for a good thrower mag reflector for a while. I really like the mirella ones and will continue to use them, but they just don’t take advantage of the space. The mag rebel reflectors are ok, but they always had terrible beam profiles.

thanks for the share!

Thanks guys, after changing my mind another couple hundred times I have the reflector from KD suggested by Rob_K on order along with their coated lens. Now to sit around impatiently waiting for delivery.

To Dale and Hoop. I work with various plastics all the time I just never said I enjoyed it. Most of the time if at all possible I cheat and use the Omax…