has anyone received a reflector that’s half orange peel and the top half smooth ??? if so how do u like it i just got one in a flashlight and it throws pretty darn good with a nice tight spot

came out of a C8 light

I’ve seen a few of them posted here.

The solarforce M8 has a 3 stage reflector: heavy op - light op - smooth.

this is my first time seeing this but i have to say its very awesome

I had one in an deep reflectored C8. Although it creates a defined cutoff between the hotspot and spill, it killed the overall output of the entire beam substantially. I didnt get lux numbers but to the eyes it was probably a 1/3rd cut and with less throw.

It's in the gold color UltraFire C8 @ LightsCastle and I have one in a C2 IIRC. Very small hotspot.

mine was in a black c8 from ebay for $5 shipped :slight_smile:

Wallbuys has one, but the quality of the flashlights isn't as good as a usually C8 (not much material is used, scratched). Price $12,56 - which is to much for it. I got one in an instantkill 6 or 7 month ago for round about $6