Reflow question

If I have a light it takes 4 XP-L HI such as TN40s can I reflow any different combination of tints onto the MCPCB? For example one of each tint 2700k, 4000k, 5700k and 6500k? I guess what I’m trying to ask is if a flashlight has multiple of the same kind of LED does it matter if you change up the tint combination or will it mess something up?

Check the forward voltage of the specific tints and LEDs you want to use. On general it should be ok, but if they aren’t matched all the power will flow though the lower voltage LEDs.

The same type usually only differs by the phosfor layer so you should be fine, and it has been done succesfully by many.

The only led I know of that comes in more than one led type under the phosfor is the Nichia Optisolis, that uses very different leds for the warm and the cool types, that also differ in voltage.

This. Even with LEDs in the same tint bin, you’ll often be able to notice that one is a bit brighter or dimmer than the others. This even happens in the multi-die XHP emitters. But with mixing tints/CCTs and therefore almost certainly bins, it will be especially notable.

Could I get a link to where I can find this info pertaining to voltage and such? I am new to this technical stuff and I am just working with XP-L HIs atm

The LED data sheets will have the information you need. You’ll have to check your LED’s part number against the data sheet.