Remember those box style search lights with the handle?

Is anybody making modern versions of these? I have a q8 and like it a lot but honestly for my uses with it I could go bigger, use a handle, and not mind a bit. Anybody making something say 4x26650 that hella bright with good runtimes?

The Acebeam X70 comes to mind - for a pretty penny though:

"sustain outputs of up to 18,000 lumens for 50 minutes"

You can also find those box lights on eBay in new condition (for upgrade/modifying):

Q8 has a tripod mount so it’s pretty easy to make a handle like that. with a bit of creativity you could even “extend” the button to be on the handle (without soldering)

This one?

I love the q8 as it is. It actually gets used regularly at the homestead. What I’m thinking now is if it doesn’t fit in the pocket what’s the difference? I could probably use a light 2 times the q8 dimensions in every direction just as easy. No thanks acebeam. I’m a member of this particular forum for humble reasons.

There are several triple head/battery torches around with built in top handle/switches
Usually 18650 cells. Normally around $30 per.

Just try one of those with a spare set of batt’s in pocket.
I have a 20c Squeeze,coin size light with LED on front on keyring.
for doing small jobs like that.