removing cree c8 modes?

Hi everybody,
I am into the sport of airsofting and recently purchased a pressure switch so i can use my cree c8 with my sniper rifle. The only problem is everytime yo release the pressure pad it changes mode which is very annoying, especially since the pressure pad is stiff so you sometimes accidently lose grip. Is there anywhere i can remove all the modes apart from high so that the torch only turns on and off in high? Im not sure exactly how these torches work and was hoping i could just cut a wire here and there however I understand its not like that and ill probabaly have to get a new driver(?) or something along the lines of that.

Thanks for your time,

I can be done but you have to pull the circuit board out to access the other side if you want to retain current regulation. If you are ok with direct drive you can unscrew the pill and put some solder, or foil or something that will cause the led- pad to short to the reflector. That will bypass the driver and the modes but you will lose current regulation. If you are up to a bit of soldering (1 connection) there is a way to keep regulation and eliminate modes but like I said, you have to pull the driver.

Other than that, the simplest thing to do is just get another single mode drop in at your preferred drive current. maybe? I haven’t used that one though, if it does what the specs claim it’ll be good but you know how that goes.

Unscrew the pill, remove the driver and take a picture of the driver.
Often these standard drivers can get modded to high mode only….

I guess this is next mode memory so even if we just get rid of that, you could use modes but an accidental slip won’t change modes…

I did same thing for different flashlight with help from others.

Yeah, take a pic, that should be possible.