Replacement mount for old spark headlamp

Hello all hoping someone could help me out. I have a old spark st6 headlamp was modded by vin long ago and still works great but the bracket and straps are long gone. Anybody still have one of these and something newer that would work as a replacement? My Nitecore hc65 is to wide, acebeam h40 to small and it didn’t fit in my armytek.
Thanks !

I’m not familiar with the headlamp, but I see SB Flashlights carries them: Spark Headlamps

Maybe they have some spares? What they show looks similar to my Thrunite TH20… which came with a spare bracket I think (no straps though). I might be able to hook you up with that if you’re interested and it would fit.

Thanks for the looking out, already messages sb he’s a good dude, but he only has complete lights, I will try and find some measurements off the th20 and see if that mount will fit. Very much appreciate the offer!

Where the rings go, the tube is 20mm diameter. The center-to-center distance between the rings is 39mm.

Like this? The od of the ring area is 22mm. Might just work, may give me a reason to
Buy a th20 to compare to my h40… and get a mount! Thanks much for the info/offer.

Yup, looks like it!

Another option might be one of these, perhaps model B or D: