Request for flashlight design feature: QD D-ring instead of tripod

Hopefully some of the Chinese designers frequent the forum, because I’m proposing an idea for them.

Any light that would normally recieve a tripod 1/4-20 threaded hole, forget it. Don’t make the tripod hole.

Instead, provide an unthreaded hole compatible with these:

QD Swivel Ring

Now you can easily release the light from the ring, and snap it back on quickly. I could put these on backpack shoulder straps or neck lanyards. I could see a search and rescue person or military person hooking the ring to their gear to easily stow their light. Anybody else want to see this happen?

Also, you could provide a clip with a hole instead of a tapped hole. then the ring could snap into the clip.

It’s a neat idea, but a hole designed for that type of attachment wouldn’t have nearly as much versatility as a tripod threaded hole.

I have many tripods with the standard 1/4”–20 thread, nothing with this random quick disconnect.

You need to put yourself in the manufacturer’s shoes to see from their perspective.
It makes no sense to replace a feature that thousands of people use with a feature that 3 people use.

I have never seen this swivel design, and none of my tripods or attachments have it. It is not just about the thread in the flashlight, you’d also have to change every attached device around it. That would probably never happen?

Why not have the anchor part of this with a 1/4 “–20 thread ?