[Resolved] Are these flashlights actually 2000 and 1800 lumens?

Is this flashlight actually 2,000 lumens?

And is this flashlight actually 1,800 lumens?

It sounds a bit odd. Most of the other flashlights are only around 200-800 lumens. :quest:


Not even close. Halve it, halve it again, and then halve that, and it will then be slightly exaggerated.

Aww that sucks. :frowning:

On this list:

Which flashlight between $10-$15 there is actually the brightest? Which should I choose?

You need to consider what batteries you would like to use too beofer you pick a torch. If you dont currently have any Li Ion batteries may consider an AA powered torch, unless you are willing to buy a suitable charger and battery too.

Oh yes, I only have AA and AAA rechargeables. I’ve got mostly AA rechargeables that need a use so I’d prefer an AA battery flashlight.

Then myabe the Lumintop SD10 is something or you.
Or a XinTD X3

don’t forget the coupon “bgh” for 6% off

Reread what I already said above

What about this? This looks interesting. Does it use AA batteries?
And is it bright?

What about this?

Most of these flashlights use a 18650 so I don’t have many options.

How bout this?

Or this?

You can have true 2000lm from Solarstorm T3 @$27

Nothing that runs on AA or AAA for under $15 is going to give you anywhere near 1000 lumens. Find some old dead laptop battery packs to scavenge 18650 batteries from and buy a cheap charger for $10 or less and it could be done.

That’s not my question. My question is, WHAT FLASHLIGHT on that site, between $10-$15, IS THE BRIGHTEST? I don’t care if it is over 1000 lumens, I only want to know which one between $10-$15 on that site is the brightest.

And please don’t spam me with links to banggood with coupons or whatever. I am not buying anything!

Go to gearbest. They have the S2+ on promo at the moment. Quality stuff.

No. Look. I am looking for a flashlight to choose, ONLY from LightsCastle, because they have a guessing game on this forum and they are giving away free flashlights. I am looking for one to choose to get if I win. I’m not buying anything, so please don’t suggest anything that does not answer my question.

Ohh…Sorry. Feeling lucky I guess. To answer your question, No and no.

Edit: Reading the posts above. You are one rude individual for being the one asking advice….

Not much to choose from at AA/$15 but of the few there I would choose the Ultrafire C3. It’s a quality light, have some over 5 years old that still work great. Everything else there under $15 and AA/AAA is pretty much junk.

What? What are you talking about? :frowning: Rude for asking advice? I don’t understand what you mean.

Oh ok, thank you very much! Then I’ll choose this one because it comes with an extension tube.

No offence, I thought you were genuine looking for high lumen flashlight at the lowest cost, that was why I recommended the above model instead of those boring lights.

Link removed, peace out.