[Resolved] Are these flashlights actually 2000 and 1800 lumens?

The C3 is a good light if you want something cheap. Short of the 1,000Lm you were originally asking, but I guess you can’t push anymore light out of that P4 (Q2 if you’re lucky) :slight_smile:

Nearly all of your replies to everyone who responded were curt, rude, and borderline inconsiderate. People were trying to help and you shot them down as if they were doing you a disservice.

Maybe if you had said in your initial post that you were not actively purchasing, and that you had only this site to choose from because of a potential giveaway, all of the responses would have been more what you were looking for.

The only reason why everyone mentioned every other light that ISNT on lightcastle is because from the available options you linked to us, they are all garbage with only one or two exceptions.

Far too many people come here asking exactly what you did, and end up regretting whatever they bought when they didnt heed our warnings and consider the recommended alternatives.

I hope you enjoy whatever light you end up maybe getting for free. If you’re ever interested in actually buying a good budget light, let us know and we can provide you with dozens of options.

I was annoyed because people were giving me answers that did not answer my question, and I clearly said several times, what light from THAT LIST on THAT SITE… and people still kept on answering me useless answers probably because they don’t even read through the thread.

What they should have done is give an answer that actually answers my question, THEN ask something like “The flashlights at that site are not good, may I ask why you are interested in that site?”.

This happened to be me before and it really pisses me off: I ask a question, then people suggest things that do not answer my question at all, I say I can’t do what they suggest, and they continue suggesting something else because they don’t even READ the thread!

Yes, I know you may think I am looking for lights so you suggest other lights from other sites, but you cannot be sure of that, so PLEASE ask what is the OP’s status and why they choose only from that site, NOT just suggest random things without knowing for sure if the OP can go with that suggestion or not.

Please understand.

Oh I understand what you were doing. But as you noticed not everyone does. I wasn’t sure when I read this thread why you were so fixated on that specific site, however. Of course I knew when you mentioned the giveaway.

Others might have just read your replies and thought you were just being stubborn.

Good luck on the giveaway.

Yes, see, funny thing is, nobody asked.

Well anyway, I got my answers now.

Many of us are biting our tongues.

Ditto, except I can’t bite mine. Maybe as the one asking for help you could have provided as much info as possible. Instead you made folks trying to help feel like they had to pull teeth to get you to be more descriptive. Your OP should have all the info and not require helpful folks to read a bunch of posts and do detective work. You come across like an ungrateful turd. Good luck with your hunt.

I CLEARLY asked a question, and I should have gotten answers to the question, not off-topic suggestions; and I CLEARLY said NOT to give me suggestions, yet people still did.

I should not have to explain to people just to make them answer the question properly!

You have to be a troll, who does this on purpose.


Shoulda, woulda, coulda”:Urban Dictionary: shoulda coulda woulda those words generally mean it is time to move on with the conversation. Just chalk it up and fix your next question based on the responses here, it will get better… I try to have zero expectations for responses here, sometimes it is a good response, sometimes not… Either way it is a marvel (as I could not anticipate the answer) and I try to enjoy being marveled by things…. Thus the current light obsession…. Good luck with your giveaway, do not sour, it was your expectations that were not met, not your needs…. .

You are ASKING for FREE information, that nobody has to provide you, but people are nice enough to try to help, only to find you are doing a “if I win the lottery from this store”. You come off as a spoiled child this way. If you want to play imagination games thats fine, state it for what it is, and don’t get mad with anyone who is nice enough to play with you, if they don’t play by the rules of your imagination game, you can ask them nicely to comply, but mind your manners.

Basically you are a lazy guy asking for a more expert opinion to go through a site to leverage the most advantage you can get for a lottery and you get mad about those trying to truely help you thinking its a serious question and don’t comply with your rules…yeah thats rude

I fail to see where this OP mentions of only looking at the garbage site you pointed to. You should have specified here that you do not want any answers besides the question asked. People gave other answers as they thought this would be HELPFUL. In no way does this post mentions of choosing anything from anywhere.

So much self entitlement. WE are sorry for not reading all that you typed. Sorry for trying to genuinely help out. But seriously, do not EXPECT ME OR ANYONE OF US to go to that website, look at all those garbage lights and suggest you something. You expect people to be helpful for your laziness. Yet someone took the pain to browse and answer you while suggesting something alternative (if I recall well)…

Posted my reply before coming to page 2….Spot on.

Page 2? Newb…

Troll thread, shill thread or just ultimate noob boner thread? :slight_smile:

Look at post 31, and all of his posts on this thread, this isn’t this guy’s first troll rodeo, you can bet that this isn’t the first forum to pick up on him.

Probably doesn’t even like flashlights anyhow.

Why is anyone even answering this guy? Rudeness should never be rewarded.