Retail Flashlights that Perform Better with IMR?

I've added a wide selection of IMR's to my battery inventory to play around with. I realize that with most regulated lights IMR's offer no benefit.

I was wondering what kinds of "retail" flashlights are out there who's performance is optimized with an IMR. I have a selection from 10440 up to 26650.

I already know that the Jetbeam PA10 and PC10 like to nosh on IMR, and likewise for Eagletac D25A and D25C.

What else likes to munch on these cells. I'd like to know.

Trustfire Mini-01

I forgot about the Mini-01. I’ll have to find mine and test it out. Thanks.

Yeah, powerful beast, pulls upto 3A from an AW IMR.
I think I’m going to try an XM-L2 in mine :slight_smile:

Anything that runs off a cell smaller than 16650 and still offers non-lion support.

Hmmmm… Maybe we should trim this down to…“and won’t fry the light”.