[REVIEW] 15W XHP70 Motorcycle light

I was looking for some good, yet cheap aux lights for my car. Decided to try this one since i couldn’t really find any info on it and on the other hand, i could choose between how many epistar 1w LEDs i want in a light, so… here we are.

This is the set up for testing beamshots :stuck_out_tongue:

The exact one i ordered: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32962898615.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.6b2d4c4dD4nQej

I couldnt really dissasemble it without the risk of dealing damage to it, but im guessing this is the module inside: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32877948437.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.2.57fa55394A89GR

Any idea what type of LED is it? I’d really like to know what’s the output.

Input: 10-80V
Specs: At 19V the high mode draws about 0.75A which makes it 14.25W, low mode draws around 0.33A which makes it 6.27W
At 12.46V (3x18650) high 1.34A=16.69W and 0.54A=6.72W

Seems like the LED requires 12V, thats why it’s efficiency is max around 12V input. Am i right?

The light doesn’t get hot after a few mins in high mode setting, that’s neat.

Unfortunately, i do not own a flashlight that’s somehow equal to the light presented, so i had to compare it to my Astrolux EC03 SST40 in Turbo mode (5700lm).

You can obviously tell which one’s which :stuck_out_tongue:

Also here’s a shot od the chip. I hope that some of you may recognise it.

Is it approved by local government agency to use on public roads?

I would not bet on it.

But i need this kind of light for my oldtimer, especially for offroad

That is a big NO.

Original CREE XHP70.2 cost 10eu…. Its probably buck driver and Chinese WTF70 LED

Here in the US many cars and trucks have very annoying super bright headlights, especially new vehicles. Every day going to work in the morning takes great patience with this problem. My old car has 4K yellowish headlights that are legal. I do not understand how 7K 8K 9K 10K headlights go unchecked by someone. :weary:

Many US states are very liberal when it comes to car modifications and road safety in that regard. Also symmetrical beam profile is legal throughout the country, left part doesn’t dip down so it’s blinding the oncoming traffic. With the abundance of SUVs and trucks you will be blinded by perfectly legal lights on a regular basis.

I forgot to mention i only use them for off road. Although sometimes i do switch them on while driving on empty roads at night, but i treat them like high beams so if i notice any vehicle in front of me i immediately switch them off.