Review: Acebeam EC50 Gen II Rechargeable XHP70 Compact Flashlight

Acebeam EC50 Gen II Rechargeable XHP70 Compact Flashlight

* Flashlight provided for review courtesy of Acebeam

Acebeam Specifications:

1: CREE XHP70 LED with a lifespan of 50,000hours
2: Max Output 3000lumens Use 1*26650 battery (included)
Level 1 : 1 lumen 900hours;
Level 2 : 80 lumens - 35hours;
Level 3 : 500 lumens - 5hours;
Level 4 : 1500 lumens - 2hours;
Turbo:3000 lumens, - 1.5hours
Strobe : 1500 lumens - 4hours;
3: Working Voltage: 3V-6V
4: Max Runtime 900hrs
5: Max beam 302 meters
6: Peak beam intensity 22800cd
7: Impact resistant 1.2meters
8: Waterproof : IPX-8 Standard (2meters)
9: Size:132mm (Length)*40mm (Head)*30(Tube)
10: Weight 128g (without battery)
11: Orange-peel reflector gives perfect beam and throw.
12: Digitally regulated output- maintains constant brightness
13: Side switch on the body
14: Over-heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface
15: Made of durable aircraft grade aluminium
16: Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
17: Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
18: Battery reverse protection function. And batteries low indication (it will flash when voltage down to 3v)

Included Accessories:
• Micro-USB Cable ( 1m )
• 1*Holster
• User Manual
• 5000mAh 26650 Battery ( customized )
• Lanyard


An amazing light...get it! If you are considering a compact EDC (jacket or holster EDC, anyway) with close to 3000 lumens and good runtime there are a few options out there. At this time your choices are the Acebeam EC50 II, the Olight R50 Seeker, and the Klarus G20. I have all three of these lights and the best of the bunch is the EC50 II. It has the best output, the best UI, best mode spacing, and the best overall performance of the three. It's a joy to use and carry and it's been my go to light around the house since I received it. Once the weather cools off more and I start wearing jackets it will be the one that leaves the house with me daily.

Again, this Acebeam EC50 II gets my full, and enthusiastic, approval.


Let's start out with output testing and a few beam shots. You can delve deeper for all the particulars.

Performance and UI

The Acebeam EC50 Gen II is one of a new class of compact powerhouse torches that utilize the big XHP series of LEDs from Cree. Powered by a single 26650 cell and driven by boost drivers that bump the 3v-4.2v of the single Li-Ion cell up to the needed 6v that the big LEDs require. This gives us compact lights shorter than some 18650 lights and only 10mm wider that give serious output ranging from claimed 2500-3000 lumens.

In addition to the Acebeam EC50 Gen II, this class includes the Olight R50 Seeker (XHP50 LED), and the Klarus G20 (XHP70 LED). Each of these capable lights have characteristics that make them better suited for certain tasks and certain individual tastes. In my testing, having all 3 of these lights and carrying each of them as my EDC in rotation, the Acebeam EC50 Gen II is easily the best of the three overall. Each has unique features the others don't have but the Acebeam is the only one that, in my humble opinion, lacks any real negatives. The UI is perfect, the output is brightest, the beam profile is a good compromise between throw and flood, it will charge (and fit) any 26650 Li-Ion cell, it is the most comfortable to hold, and it is every bit as well made as the others. It's not the cheapest of the three lights, the Klarus G20 claims that title, but is priced the same as the Olight R50 at $119 street pricing. It is well worth the extra $20 or so over the Klarus.

^ My testing resulted in figures roughly the same as Acebeam's claims through all the modes except for Turbo but even that is close enough for variations in the components. It is still the brightest of the three lights. Throw numbers fell short by 31m but if you look at the beam profiles of the EC50 Gen II compared to the R50 Seeker you will understand that there is no way this light could throw over 300 meters when the R50 makes 315m in my testing. Even still, 265m is plenty useful and farther than I can see most objects, especially at night.

It's an impressive little light!


The switch on the EC50 II is wide and slightly crowned. It's extremely easy to locate by feel. One of my biggest complaints of the Olight R50 is the switch that is difficult to locate by feel. The Klarus G20 switch is also easy to locate by feel but smaller and not as easily found as the EC50's switch.

The EC50 II is the only one of the three to have a Moon Low, which is a required mode in any EDC light of mine. Neither the Olight R50 or Klarus G20 has a Moon low but the G20 has a better Low mode than the R50. The Acebeam EC50 II is also the overall brightest of the three lights

The UI is the best overall as well, IMO, except for the longer pause in between modes while rotating through modes. The Klarus G20 is the more unique of the three lights with its addition of an electronic tail switch but it loses due to the 1 second pause and brief blackout whenever entering Turbo mode, it's my least favorite UI. Again, neither the R50 or G20 have Moon low and the G20 has "press and hold" to turn off. Winner EC50 Gen II.

  • From OFF
    • Click to turn ON in the last memorized mode
    • Long press <1s to turn ON in Moon low mode
    • Double-click to turn ON in Turbo mode
    • Triple-click to turn ON in Strobe mode
  • From ON
    • Press and hold to cycle through modes (Moon > Low > Medium > High > Moon...).
      • Release switch when in the desired mode
    • Double-click from any mode to enter Turbo mode
      • To exit Turbo, click to OFF, pause for =>0.5s, then turn back ON to last regular mode used.
    • Triple-click from any mode to enter Strobe mode
      • To exit Strobe, single-click to turn OFF, double-click to return to last memorized mode
    • To turn light OFF from any mode just single-click.
    • Turbo and Strobe modes will not be memorized
  • Electronic Lockout
    • To Lock
      • From OFF, press and hold switch for 3 seconds.
      • Light will flash on Low three times to indicate light is locked
    • To Unlock
      • Press and hold switch for 3 seconds
      • Light will turn on in Low mode
  • Mechanical Lockout
    • To Lock
      • Slightly twist the tail cap ( only needs a few degrees on mine)
    • To Unlock
      • Tighten tail cap

^ The box contains the EC50 Gen II in it's holster, a Micro-USB charging cable, a lanyard and spare O-rings, and the instruction manual.

^ The holster is very sturdy and well made. The EC50 Gen II fits well inside although the holster, due to it's heavy, padded walls, feels very large compared to the light.

^ The back of the holster has both permanent and quick attach loops.

^ The big XHP70 LED provides the great output and the heavily orange peeled reflector provides a smooth, floody beam. There are no cross lines in the beam that some XHP70 lights have, even when white wall hunting.

^ The crenelated bezel is has crisp edges but isn't sharp.

^ The head itself is heavily finned for great thermal management. The large switch button is easy to locate and operate. It has a good tactile feel when clicking.

^ Opposite the switch, you will find the charging port covered by a rubber seal.

^ Lifting the seal reveals the Micro-USB port. You can see the charging indicator LED next to the charging port.

^ When charging, the LED indicator glows red. When fully charged it changes to green to let you know it's topped off and ready for use. Any 2A or higher USB charger will charge an empty cell in a few hours. Charge current is limited to 2A by its circuit although a lesser amperage will work, it just won't charge as quickly.

^ One negative I noticed is the charging indicator LED is difficult to see unless you are looking at it from head on. A few degrees from the side and you can't see the glow.

^ The narrow battery tube gives great feel in the hand.

^ The knurling, while not very aggressive, provides more than ample grip.

^ The wide tail cap helps the EC50 Gen II feel secure when held. I prefer the feel of this light far more than the Olight R50 Seeker which has a straight tube body and feels like it could easily slip out of the hand, especially when compared to the secure feeling provided by the EC50.

The wide, flat base allows for secure tail standing. The lanyard attachment hole is on the smaller side and won't allow use of 550 Paracord to fit through the hole.

^ The smooth, well machined, square threads for the tail cap come prelubed. The thick O-ring provides a nice tight seal. In the tail cap itself utilizes a heavy spring with a good amount of compression travel. The EC50 should accommodate any protected or unprotected 26650 cell. For those who are new to lights with this cell size, Acebeam includes a decent 5000mAh cell with their label. The light is ready to use right out of the box and, with it's built in charging circuit, is a great light for novices looking to get into better, brighter torches without any further investment of cells and charger.

^ The included 26650 cell appears to have a protection circuit and is a button top type of cell.

^ A better glimpse of the tail cap spring.


^ The bezel has ample, smooth threads

^ The head internals removed and stacked in order, we have the bezel, lens, O-ring, reflector, and centering ring.

^ Everything fits well inside with no slop or rattle. The lens is AR coated on both sides.

^ The big Cree XHP70 emitter is mounted on a thick copper MCPCB. Thermal grease is between the MCPCB and emitter shelf. Wires are heavy gauge and the soldering is perfect. The small screw visible above appears to secure the thermal sensor to the underside of the emitter shelf.

^ The lens is just under 37mm in diameter and is 1.5mm thick.

^ Internal diameter of the reflector is 31mm and external diameter is 33mm.

^ The reflector is 20mm deep.


^ Identical in length to the Olight R50, the Acebeam EC50 Gen II feels much smaller in the hand and far more comfortable to hold.

^ Here are the 3 major lights in this class, the Olight R50, the Acebeam EC50 Gen II, and the Klarus G20. The Klarus G20 is smallest but is far more floody and has less overall output.

^ All three light tail stand securely.

^ A look at the reflectors explains the beam profiles one can expect. The R50 isn't as bright as the EC50 Gen II but due to it's wider reflector and smaller XHP50 emitter it has a far more focused center spot along with less spill. While all three lights are rated as having 300m of throw, only the R50 reaches that far. The Acebeam EC50 Gen II has more of an all-around beam with less of a center spot and a broad, smooth beam that reaches 265.8m in my testing. The Klarus G20 is all flood with it's much smaller, and more shallow reflector.

If you are considering any of these three lights, and you should, IMO, as it is a fantastic class of light with compact size, massive output, and decent runtime, the Acebeam EC50 Gen II is easily my choice of the 3. It's the one I grab when I head out at night, and the one I want at my side. It's simply a far more useful and easier to use light than the other two choices. All three are good lights but the EC50 Gen II is a great light.

awesome review! I love this flashlight, but it’s too expensive for me, I tend to lose flashlights… mostly cheap under $20 ones, but I can’t afford to lose a $100 one!!

I don’t blame you one bit. I don’t understand how some guys carry $1500-$2000 customs as EDC lights. That would scare the hell out of me. LOL

I was kind of joking, but i’m not used to buying over $45 flashlights

I want to buy it anyway, I’m just waiting for a good deal

But obviously it won’t be my EDC!

Thanks for the great review mate.
Looks like it’s a lot more comfortable to hold than my G20. I like the beam profile a lot more too.

Great review! I agree, this does appear to be the best 1x26650 light on the market, if only they did a groupbuy to cut down on the price!

Thanks for the review. Can it reach 3000 lumens with unprotected cells?
by the way, G20 is only rated at 150 meters.

Thanks for the review JM. :THUMBS-UP:

Wow, finally got another dose of “Mac-attack.”

Was deciding between the EC 50 (Gen I) and the R 50. Found the R50 at a substantial discount (which Acebeam avoids in a MAPpy way), and glad I did. Do miss the wider beam, though.

Thanks for all of your splendid work, JohnnyMac!

Excellent review, thanks :THUMBS-UP: .

Good review! Fantastic flashlight!

Great review, Thank You! This definitely has my attention for performance AND it is a side-clicky,which I personally prefer :THUMBS-UP:

I’d love to have one now but will quietly wait for (hopefully) a better deal on pricing although it may be some time before that would happen :((

Is there any chance of possibly having a better discount with a minimum number of purchases for a mini-group-buy? I know it is pricier than a lot of the members would care to spend their money on, but maybe enough interest could still be generated O:)

Great review!!!

Acebeam should be quite happy providing the light for your ‘outstanding review.’

JM thanks for the review!

I thought the Olight R50 was the cream of the crop but maybe not.

The Olight R50 steps down to 800 lumens after a few minutes while the EC50 steps down to 1500 lumens (I think). If I am correct about this, this is a significant difference.

I assume most brands of 26650 will fit no problem. I like the fact that the EC50 can use and charge any 26650 battery while the Olight R50 can only charge a proprietary battery.

I like the look of the Olight R50 but there have been complaints about finding the button - a deal breaker for anyone who needs to turn it on quick in the dark.

The Olight R50 body is straight like you mention so easier to slip out of the hand.

For the EC50, I would probably get a glow-in-the-dark o-ring placed at the neck groove next to the switch and black-out the o-ring next to the button.

The EC50 gen 2 seems substantially shorter the the EC50 gen 1 but don’t know why.

Also I think there may have possibly been some quality issues with the EC50 gen 1 but can’t remember much about it.

Wish list:

  1. I wish it came with an extra USB rubber boot cover.
  2. I would like to see a larger reflector/head for a bit more throw.
  3. Another reviewer measured the parasitic drain of the EC50 gen 2 electronic switch at 110 microamps which is higher than the Olight R50 at 65 microamps - maybe no big deal on this one.
  4. A small beacon LED next to the switch button.

Nice review
And cool comparing these three!
Interesting how the thinner tube give lights a more elegant look and feel.

Nice review. Do you think of the 1.5 hour run time on turbo is realistic?

Very informative and helpful review! :THUMBS-UP:

Great review, thanks!

I’m still amazed on how much throw the R50 seeker has with that XHP50 and OP reflector.

And a neutral white option.

JM has played it straight in his reviews, I think to the chagrin of some manufacturers⚡️

Looks like a very good light, their H10 is a most underrated head light.