[Review] Astrolux A02 - SST-20 (4000k) - Li-ion 10440

nice review, i bought one myself today, 4000k tint must be nice in this kind of light, hate all cool white tints light that are too many on the market. and not many run 10440 native.

Can someone please tell me where I can find the bezel glass??

I’m not familiar with the light. Are you able to measure what diameter lens it needs? I see the Aliexpress listing for the light says the diameter is 15.4mm. That’s the outer diameter, so I’d guess the lens is about 13mm. Kaidomain has a variety around that size, like this one at 13mm

Just a guess. It’s best if you can measure it. If you can’t find the exact size, slightly smaller is probably ok and you can wrap the edge in tape and trim it off to make up the difference.