[Review] ASTROLUX EC06 Pop-can flashlight with 16,000 lumens, 566m beam distance, Type-C charging/discharging & Anduril II

My review of the impressive ASTROLUX EC06 Pop-can flashlight with 16,000 lumens, 566m beam distance, Type-C charging/discharging and Anduril II with balls-out Simple UI. (Runs on 3 x 21700 button top batteries.)

Does anyone know why the switch back-light flashes orange during and then just after use?

The_Flashaholic, please remove my personal coupon FIN1267 from the description for your YouTube video.

Enjoyed the video and as always I found the beam comparisons very interesting and useful. I use a MF01S as a deterrent to neighbors stealing our fruit and creeping around our place at night. It doesn’t look like the extra lumens of the EC06 would be an advantage to me as the lumens go to flood or brighter spill which I don’t need. So once again you’ve saved me money. The EC06 looks like an amazing light for the price and is very tempting.

This Astrolux EC06 is on sale on Banggood: buy two and get 35% discount, bringing down the price per piece to under US$50!

But I don’t want two pieces of this EC06. I am going for two Astrolux EA01S, one Blue one Black. Each will cost only about US$26!

How do you get the discount for 2? I tried adding 2 to my cart and they stayed full price ?

I would be in for 3 only if different colors were available.

He stole your code?

Glad I hesitated to order the EC06. I’ll wait to see the new MF01 2022. I think it’s almost certain to come in several colors.

DMS1970, Have to watch the upper right-hand corner to see the count-down digital clock when the BF Sale starts or ends.

I have the same problem with the amber switch LED's. It's wired up to the USB-C controller, I believe to indicate a discharge. Not sure, but seems it can't tell the difference between the discharge of charging a device via the USB-C and a discharge of driving the light.

So, wait… Am I to understand the output of this light is SEVERELY underrated by the manufacturer?

I mean technically, it’s a good thing for Fin since the code used is still his and that’s gonna let Banggood know it was Fin that got them the business. Kind of like free advertising, you know?

Severely? Well, all depends. Depends on what cells you use, and If you use 45C as the thermal limit and didn't do the temp calibration, well then it's certainly possible to get a NEMA/FL1 lumens test result of 16K. I did a test using P42A's fully charged and thermal regulation hit before 30 secs, so 30 sec result was 20K. Re-did the test letting the light fully cool to room temp and thermal reg didn't kick in this time, so I got 22K at 30 secs.

This light is rather special - maybe the highest stock amp/lumen to size ratio around, and as a result, output drops fast.

I am hoping that when I ordered two days ago on November 22, that the sample that I receive will be as triple live gonzo as your sample. Shipping is not anticipated until December 21, so maybe I will get a boring sedate pedestrian sample. I certainly hope not.

Thank you, and everyone else, for your valuable reviews.

How did you get two Astrolux EA01S for $26 each?

i want to get them too