[REVIEW] Astrolux FT03

Astrolux® FT03 SFT40 2200lm 1200m SST40 2400lm 875m NarsilM v1.3 USB-C-Wiederaufladbare 2A-26650-21700-18650-LED-Taschenlampe mit langer Reichweite und starker Suche Sale - Banggood Deutschland > Product link @ Banggood.com

User manual = http://img.banggood.com/file/products/20190129202400FT03usermanualdraft04withadvancedsettings.docx

It took some time for the Astrolux FT03 to get into my hands . The order was placed May 6 and it arrived Feb 19 . I can only assume that it took some time for who ever makes the Astrolux FT03 to make some , or possibly they are very popular ? I did take the FT03 for a walk and to be honest it’s not nearly the best walking light out there . But what it does do is throw ! It throws Nuts ! The FT03 is probably the most throwy flashlight I have ever encountered .

This flashlight would really need some serious looking at if you Spotlight , do search and rescue or any activity where you need to put a lot of light a long way out . The pictures show the FT03 lighting up a Tower over 400 meters away . Doing this in the city with all the associated glare from the city lights . Just one word comes to mind = Impressive .

The Astrolux FT03 comes with a lanyard and some spare 0 rings as well a battery tube / spacer to run 18650 . I am using a Xtar INR 21700 as it’s the largest battery I have . The FT03 will actually take a 26650 , but so far I have had no issues with the 21700 . The springs hold the 21700 in place really well and there is no battery slap to speak of , even if you shake the light . The build quality is really nice , and everything screws together tight . The inbuilt USB charge port is handy if you are using the light a lot and have a handy USB power adapter ( possibly in your cigarette lighter ) .

It was right around 30 degrees Celsius as I went for my walk in the evening ( Yes Australia ) and the only time the FT03 built up any heat was in Turbo mode . The light does have a fair bit off heft and I am glad of it as the light handled the heat really well . The FT03 never dropped output even though it was a very warm evening . I think the FT03 is fantastic for putting light out there , but up close so much light gets reflected back it becomes a little uncomfortable as a walking light . I actually checked my shoe’s and I did step in it ! So not the best for navigating a dog poopy neighborhood where douche bags let their dogs dump it everywhere . ( I kid you not )

What I like :

1) Throws Nuts

2) Really well made

3) Good thermal regulation

4) Good selection of batteries

5) Ramps up and down

6) Can be simple to use or trick ( read the user manual )

7) Easy to get to Turbo ( Bright enough and throws hard enough , so you don’t really need Turbo )

What I don’t Like :

1) It’s sort of specializes in being a thrower

2) It is a large hefty light


As a thrower I can not help but be really impressed with the Astrolux FT03 . Really good build quality with good heat management . It is how ever not a every day carry or a jacket pocket light . It certainly has a role to play in any flashlight collection . If you need to see , way - way - out there ! You need to look at the Astrolux FT03 . For the money , I don’t know that there is a better thrower .