[Review] Astrolux MF02 XHP35 HI 2x/4x18650 flashlight supplied by Banggood

I measured here 15910cd @5.4m cold start
so this equals 464kcd at 1m

at 30s I measure 15100cd @5.4m
this equals 440kdc at 1m

the 30s mark did not drop much, so the thermal performance of the MCPCB is very good

Basically throw and lumens numbers are quite below what was advertised
The standby drain is way too high even locked out

Hey lexel

can you put your FET driver with NarsilM to see if the throw increase? :smiley:

modding the carrier to 4S the throw would increase by 50% for a few milliseconds before the LED dies with a DD driver
with 2S/2P a 12V LED will not light up at all

4S Buck driver is in progress

I got the light open, mechanical you need brutal force or heat the bezel to soften the glue

Could you please put the mf01 into the mf02 holster and take a photo of how it fits?


Yes, that is as we expected, but still offers a “whop” of powerful throw!

Modded the light with a XHP HI E2-3C in NW

beat the 500k mark with this one very pleased

538kcd now

Only changing led?

LED with better luminous flux bin and more pleasant color

The Astrolux MF02 NW could carry the same bin? can we expect more throw those we have ordered the NW version?

Hi Lexel,

great pictures and measures.

I´m glad, that I ordered 6 XHP35 HI E2-3C Neutralweiß from you, some weeks before.

I´ve ordered the MF02 CW, but it is still in Hongkong…


Once I said I would not buy another Astrolux but then I bought several
Once I said I would not buy another Astrolux with glued threads, I will not buy another


I do not expect Astrolux to get hands on E2 flux bin of NW emitter, likely they will get same or 7% less Lumens with the NW

for MF02 Narsil driver stencil arrived today

BLF driver with Narsil now tested for 2.5A

with 2x2 LED board and custom light colors

I’ve not taken that driver ring apart yet. I did manage to finally get the bezel ring off to do a burn in. I clamped the head in a wood vise, then brute strength, I unscrewed it with one hand. :smiley: It was glued.
I cleaned the dried glue from the threads, added some grease and re-assembled. :+1:

bezel gets off quite easy heting it up to about 140°C pushing the bezel on a rubber mat

The MF02 is a heavy light. There could have been a substantial amount removed

MF02= 2 lbs –2.9oz
K70= 1 lb-11oz

Mine smoked up quite a bit when I burned it in. Even though b4 I did, there was nothing evident that would create the blue smoke

Excellent review my friend! Even more comforting to work with you considering you’ve dealt extensively with this light. I’ve only just met you and you seem to be an extremely beneficial member to the flashlight community. Thanks for your time, efforts, and sincerity!

OnlyOwnEnergizer250Lumen (CPF)

Where did you get XHP HI E2-3C binned LEDs? CREE does not show E2 on their spec sheet for HI?