Review: [Banggood] Convoy M1 XM-L2 U2-1A 2.8A

I recently brought a Convoy M1 from because they offers XM-L2 U2 version. They also offer multiple bin and tint to choose from.

Convoy M1 7135*6 3/5Modes 2 Groups 700lm LED Flashlight 18650

Product name: Convoy M1 7135*6 LED Flashlight
Brand: Convoy
Model: M1
Emitter Brand/Type: CREE
Emitter BIN: XML U2-1B,XML T6-4C,XML2 U2-1A,XML2 T6-4C
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Mode: Group 1 (5-Mode): Lo (5) > Mid (40) > Hi (100) > Strobe > SOS; Group 2 (3-Mode): Lo (5) > Mid (40) > Hi (100)
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650 battery (do not included)
Switch Type: clicky
Lumens: 700LM
Switch Location: tail of the flashlight
Carrying Strap: yes
Color: black
Weight: 130g
Size: 160mm x 36mm x 24mm (length x head diameter x body diameter)
Lens: Coated Glass Lens
Reflector Type Aluminum Textured/OP
Waterproof: IPX8

1.Small,exquisite and comfortable
2.Rhombic knurling adds friction
3.The design of spring to avoid scratching battery
4.Comes with carrying strap for east carrying and take out.
5.Fluorescent tail made the flashlight can be found more easy at night.

Light Source Color:

The Convoy M1 arrived in standard package.

So let’s have a look in their construction.

There are 4x 7135 on top, so definitely its a 2.8A version. The retainer also is nicely doing it job, and act as an conductor instead of the thread. *Its brass, so good for long run, no need to worry about oxidation so much.

Here is a shot with the head took out, the reflector is nice and perfect. The glass has nice o-ring seal that fit tightly, making it water-resistant and rattle-free.
The LED also screwed down for secure and good heat transfer.

As you can see, the pill edge is filled with thermal compound, thus maximizing the heat transfer. But the work is a bit dirty, easily cleaned though.
There is also a thumb knotch for comfortable switch press while making tail stand possible.

All the thread are pre-lubricated, nicely anodized. The threading here is superb, all separatable connection is using brass connection, such as tailcap and head,
for long run. The HA-III anodizing also perfect, no imperfection I can see.

I also did some testing of its performance, I would say I quite satisfied by it.
Tailcap Current:

The High current sagged to roughly 2.7A ±0.5 after heats take into consideration. (stabilised)
ps: you need to use good battery, I tried first time with some low quality battery and I only get 1.6A on high ! Second try with Sanyo 18650FM get above value.

On this regards I have to say BG provide quite accurate information. Although I have no idea why BG written rated lumen is 700.

Regarding its beam, its spill quite alot. It have nice smooth transition between hotspot and spill (which i’m looking for), definitely not a good thrower.
But with its sheer power (high mode) it can illuminate quite a distance ahead.

I had seen alot of good positive review on M1 so far, I have to say every single good point is true and for less than $20, its total worth it !
I highly recommend to any people who didn’t good torch so far, since its cheap and excellent quality with strongest common single LED output you can get.
I doubt someone wouldn’t love it after buying it. Of course don’t forget to use BG coupon “BLF” to get even cheaper !

I used to be p60 and zoomie user only, but now with I discovered the greatness of Convoy, I would abandon all the p60 if not for their exchangeability. The heat transfer capability & build quality totally outshadow p60’s pro. If Convoy come out with zoomie, then I definitely will be crazy about it.

Very nice review and photography.
I’ve been thinking about getting the M1. Your review made it easier to make the decision.


I had also see alot of review from forum, one of the best is from Mac’s M1 review
Although his from fasttech and different emitter, but the build quality is same and excellent. (thumbs up for Convoy)

If you looking for cool white and highest output (brightest in another words), go for banggood. If you looking for warm white or yellowish light, then go for fasttech.
Banggood also offer selection of reflector (OP or smooth)

Well, delivery also is a matter of choice.

warm white is better for close work compare to cool white