Review: Blackshadow Terminator U3 ( Video Review )

Great review Dale. :wink:


Nice Dale! Great review! I still say your L2T looks like a nose clipper....

Thanks Glenn

Everybody peeking but aint speaking…. Give me some feedback nippleheads!!!

Great review, I’m on the fence still about getting this one. Don’t want to make an impulse buy. I wish the handle was removable.

Ah, so, I see you do not understand the feature on the L 2 T, flashlight. That is the Anti-Wolf feature of all tactical Chinese flashlight, very usual when you meet the wolf… J)

I have to say in Glenns defense. He does have a really big nose.

hey man! stop picking on my nose! That's my job... :)

I still cant stop thinking about they way you described my head. I'm probably going to have nightmares now. Thanks pal!

I’m here for ya man!!

Thanks Dale! What a pal!

Nice review Dale, thanks!I used mine two weekends ago at the cabin, great light!It’s funny you said it,but i pissed off my asian friend to no end when I repeatedly said….GREEN MEANS GO!


Thanks for the review Dale. Keep up the good work!

Thanx RDR… I really like the terminator. Very nice. I think these light companies ( all of them ) will make a lot more money when they drop the prices of these light. Lets face it… The general public is not going to pay the money we do in the forums for these lights… Just saying…


I think your gonna be another selfbuilt.

Your getting better each video. I could tell you had more confidence and were more relaxed on this one.

Thanx Brad! It gets a bit easier each time.

Well I’ll tell you what, your video made me like the Terminator more than I did.

It put the light into more perspective of what to expect. I can honestly say now I wouldn’t mind owning one. But I would rather get one for around $90.