(Review) BLF GT 2000M Throwing Monster!

The day I received this light I was amazed by its size, I used to think the TN42 was a big boy when it comes to throwing lights but the GT is an absolute monster! It easily throws out to 1km and further

Watch and enjoy!

Not bad! Voice overs are fine but you gotta sound at least a wee bit more lively! You sound grumpy/just woke up. Otherwise great attempt!

Good job….I liked it ……apart from the blatant use of porno music to keep people watching !

Thanks for the great review mikelights! After putting more hours on your GT, you will come to appreciate it even more. As for your review, its nice to hear someone speaking like an intelligent person for a change. The people who act like meth-head cartoon characters during their reviews never have any credibility for me. I hope to see more reviews from you in the future!

Thanks for the support and I think you may like my new video on the TN42 I tried to step up my game on voice over quality and beam shots I hope you enjoy it

You can find it Here