“REVIEW”: Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper – 1600 lumens – XHP35 HD - 1x18650/2xCr123A – Magnetic Charging + “Tactical” Ring [Pic Heavy]

Hey BLF!

This is my review of the Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper!
The flashlight and accessories were sent to me by Brinyte, for review purpose, after answering this thread:

The PT28 Oathkeeper can be found in Brinyte store (all links are NOT affiliated):
Price, atm, is 122$ + shipping!

You can also check Brinyte website for more info on this and other flashlights: http://www.brinyte.com/product/PT28-Oathkeeper-desert-tan.html

In this review I will present the flashlight and its features the best I can and, as always, in an unbiased way!

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Body Colour: Black
Material: Aircraft-grade high strength aluminium AL-6061-T6 / Type III military hard anodized anti-abrasive finish ( :open_mouth: )
Emitter: Cree XHP35 (Cool White)
Lens: Glass, AR Coated
Battery: 1 x 18650 / 2x CR123a (2.8-6.0V)
Switch: Forward Clicky Switch + Electronic side switch
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes (I also tested: battery reversed, no heating, no light)
Low Voltage Warning: Yes
Max runtime: 5880 minutes
Max beam distance: 245m
Max output: 1600 lumens
Candela: 15200 candela
Waterproofness: IP68
Impact resistance: 1m


- Overcharge, over-discharge and over-heat protection

  • Intelligent battery power indicator

NOTE: these are the specs as provided by the manufacturer!


The Brintyte PT28 Oathkeeper is presented as a “Palm-sized Tactical light”! I received the black version of it, but it also exists in a “desert tan” version.

Being a review/not for sale item, this flashlight was not packaged in the premium box showed in Brinyte’s website. So, the light and accessories arrived in a unbranded cardboard box with some protective foam, and almost all the elements were inside plastic bags.

Inside I found the Brintyte PT28 Oathkeeper, with included Tactical ring and pocket clip, and also an included IMR18650 3100mAh 3.6V 1132Wh Brinyte branded battery, a 1m USB to magnetic charging cable, 3 spare o-rings, a camo paracord lanyard with lobster clasp, a Brinyte branded holster, and the User Manual.

The PT28 Oathkeeper is a strong and sturdy flashlight! Honestly, you look at it and you say “this can get and give a beat and stay unpunished”!

If you are looking for a small 18650 flashlight, this is not for you! If you are looking for a strong and durable flashlight, you will not be disappointed!

Having received the Brinyte T28 Artemis for review some months ago, and looking to Brinyte’s history, I already knew what to expect in terms of finish: great and soft anodizing (matte), no “edgy” knurling, attractive although not completely innovative lines, excellent overall quality and functioning!

The flashlight is composed by 2 main parts: head/battery tube and tailcap. Both the bezel and battery tube are glued to the head and I didn’t try to dismantle it!

Battery positive goes towards the head, negative towards the tailcap!

From the head to the bottom we can see that the ”bezel” as some grooves (what is good in case you leave the light ON with the flashlight’s head on a surface) and some “chocolate tablet knurling”. It is not a striking bezel, though.

The glass lens is AR Coated in rosy tone (or so it seems). The reflector is smooth and the emitter inside is a Cool White CREE XHP35 HD.

Still on the head, we can find 2 engravings on the rounded areas: on the one side, the flashlight’s brand and Brinyte’s website address, and on the other side, the flashlight’s model.

On the flat areas, on the one side we have the side electronic switch, and on the other side we have the magnetic charging port and the “HOT” engraving. Below the charging port, there is the serial number and the “sample not for sale” engravings.

The side switch has a led in the centre that will light green, orange or red (depending on the battery level, and on the charging process), when the flashlight is turned ON or the flashlight is charging.

On the battery tube, we find a typical Brinyte knurling constituted by 3 “petals (on each side) that are “carved” in low relief. The rest of the tube is flat and soft, except in the part where the pocket clip fits (in the lower part of the battery tube). I must mention that, on my sample, unfortunately, the “petals” knurling is not completely aligned with the flat areas of the head. It doesn’t affect the function, just the looks :stuck_out_tongue:

Through the battery tube we see: an inner tube (to conduce the signal from tail to driver) and a strong double golden spring.
On the tube we also see the nice square threads, that arrived slightly lubricated, and an o-ring.

The tailcap has some “chocolate tablet knurling” similar to the one in the head. It has 2 white arrows indicating the place where the tactical ring must fit. There, the knurling line is slightly larger/deeper, although barely noticeable. There is also a groove where the an o-ring will fit, to prevent the tactical ring to rattle or oscilate.

We also have 2 “flaps” with lanyard holes, and a rubber tailcap with Brinyte’s logotype.
The flashlight tailstands despite the rubber cap slightly protrudes. Inside the tailcap there are also double springs sustained by a structure with bras and plastic that can be removed, but that I didn’t dismantle.

If the tailcap is slightly untightened, it will cut the power to the flashlight (preventing accidental activations).

The pocket clip and the tactical ring are 2 of the accessories that the Brinyte PT20 Oathkeeper came with, although the tactical ring is, according to a card in the box, a gift.

The pocket clip is not a deep carry pocket clip, but it has good retention and provides good carry!
The tactical ring fits in 2 directions: or towards the side-switch side, or towards the magnetic charging port. Inside the ring there are 2 diametrically opposed “bumps” to fit the tailcap.

The magnetic charging port will be red on charging, green while charged, and orange when the cable is not placed correctly or the battery is not inside the flashlight.

It must be mentioned that the charging cable is around 1m long, it has a USB port to connect to a power source, and the magnetic tip shines blue. It will attach to the flashlight’s port, but it must be precisely attached so that the battery charges. If the led indicator is orange, something is not right…

Next we see the length and weight of the PT28 Oathkeeper with and without battery and tactical ring.
Offical measurments/weight:
140.8mm x 25.4mm (body) x 26.5mm (head) /////// 110g

The 3 o-rings that were included in the package can be used both in the battery tube’ threads or in the tailcap where the tactical ring sits!

Looking at the “paracord lanyard” it’s made of camouflage green/light brown/bege/black paracord rope, it is adjustable to fit the hand, and has a lobster clasp in the tip. This clasp can be attached to the tailcap flaps, the pocket clip or, if used/adapted differently, to the tactical ring itself. It is around 45cm long.

Inside the flashlight also arrived a protected IMR18650 3100mAh 3.6V 1132Wh Brinyte branded battery. It arrived protected by a with piece of paper/plastic to prevent accidental activation or battery drain during shipping.
This battery is longer than unprotected batteries and, according to the user manual, it is the one recommended for this flashlight. I believe it may be a high drain battery, adequate to the drain this flashlight provokes.
As seen above, when placed inside the flashlight, it protrudes a bit. As example, an unprotected Sony VTC6 sits right on the border of the battery tube. It weighs around 48grams. The weight of a soul :wink:

Before showing the user manual, let’s take a look to this great, sturdy, practical flashlight holster.

  • It is +tough and very robust, to protect the flashlight!
  • It has a hole on the top to access the flashlight button!
  • It has a hole on the bottom to be able to shine the light even if it is in the holster!
  • It has a “pocket” where a battery or a smaller flashlight can be carried!
  • The attaching belt clip allows the flashlight holster to rotate 360º, providing illumination “from the belt” and also allowing to draw the flashlight from several positions!
  • It has a con: there is a space to fit the tactical ring, but it is only on one side. So, for some people it may be bad thing , because it may not be as practical as for others. I still find it useful, though.

I could have rotated it to the bottom or to the left, but I just rotated to the right :person_facepalming:

Last, the User Manual !
Well written, with the essential information about how to use the flashlight and how it works (charging,battery indication, ouput, UI, …). It is a different manual than those we normally get from manufacturers, and I think it is a good and innovative way to make it!
I also like how the content is exposed inside.


Shall we talk about some processes now?!

We’ll start by the USER INTERFACE !!!

The PT28 Oathkeeper is, supposedly, a tactical flashlight! But will the UI accompany that designation?
I’ll give my opinion: more or less! Why?

Tailswitch is forward clicky switch
Side switch is electronic switch
Regular modes cycle goes Low > Medium > High > Turbo
Memory for the last regular used mode (if not special combination of switches is done)

Let’s see how it works!


- half press the tailswitch: momentary ON in the last regular used mode

- double half press the tailswitch: momentary Strobe (if after the half press the there is a full click the Strobe will be continuous)

- click/press the side switch: nothing happens

- press the side switch & half press / full click the tailswitch: momentary ON in Low mode / continuous ON in Low mode

- half press the tailswitch & click the side switch: cycles through the regular modes, starting from the last regular used mode, in the sequence: L > M > H > T > L…

  • full click the tailswitch: turns the flashlight ON, in the last regular used mode

EDIT (added missing information):

- press the side switch & double half press the tailswitch: Low > momentary Strobe (a full click maintains Strobe)

  • half press the tailswitch & double click the side switch: last regular used mode > momentary Strobe (a full click maintains Strobe)


- full click the tailswitch: turns the flashlight OFF, and memorizes the last regular used mode

- +half or double half press the tailswitch: nothing happens

- click the side switch: each single click makes the levels advance in the sequence: L > M > H > T > L…

  • double click the side switch: enters Strobe mode (double frequency)
    > from Strobe: double click the side switch goes to SOS mode
    > from Strobe or SOS: single click the side switch goes back to the last regular used mode

But there is more! There is an option to turn ON / OFF the led indicator that can be useful to locate the flashlight in the darkness. This led turns ON 10 seconds after the flashlight is switched OFF. Want to disable it? How to proceed?
FROM ON: Press & Hold the side switch for 10 seconds. The flashlight blinks 1 time and it will be turned ON or OFF, depending on the previous state.

Answering my question from above: “But will the UI accompany that designation?”

Well, I like that we can directly: access the last regular used mode, access Strobe, access Low mode, BUT…I miss the direct access to Turbo. And that is important for me in a “tactical flashlight”. So this is the only big “con” of this flashlight so far, in my opinion :weary:


Now, some information on the CHARGING PROCESS and BATTERY INDICATION !!!
Well, it is quite simple:
Charging process, as stated above:
RED: charging
GREEN: charging completed
ORANGE: something is not right (check if the battery is in the right position, if the tailcap is tightened, if the charging cable is placed correctly, …)


- If you are charging the battery, you can still use the flashlight, but only in Low mode.

  • If you have the charging cable (powered) plugged into the charging port with no battery inside, the flashlight can be turned ON in low mode.I do not advise doing this, as the flashlight starts making a weird noise!!

As for the Battery Indicator:

- 100–70: Constant green

- 70–30: Constant orange

- 30–10: Constant red

  • <10%: Blinking red


And now the OUTPUT and RUNTIME!!!

These are based on the specs given by the manufacturer!

Low: ± 98hours
Medium: ± 16hours
High: +–3.5 hours
Turbo: ± 1,83hours

It seems to me that, from these numbers, this is an efficient flashlight! Am I right? :wink:

I also did a small test:
|Time| Temperature ºC | Lux (at 2,30m) |
|20s|29ºC| 2919|

At the 1m40s, the output started decreasing visible, and then it kept stable. I didn’t have the conditions/time to see how long it would take to have another stepdown. BTW, the battery was fully charged when the test started, and it was 4.09V :wink:
The flashlight was HOT, but it could still be handled. I guess it was on the limit!


Before seeing what everybody wants, let’s compare the Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper with other flashlights :wink:

Brinyte Family PT1: PT18Pro > T28 Artemis > PT28

Brinyte Family PT2: PT18Pro > PT28

Brinyte Family PT3: PT28 > T28 Artemis

PT28 > Zanflare F1

PT28 > Olight M2R Warrior

PT28 > Convoy S2+

PT28 > Klarus XT1C

Wuben T70 > T28 Artemis > PT18pro > PT28

Wuben T70 > T28 Artemis > PT18pro > PT28 > Zanflare F1 > Olight M2R Warriorr > Convoy S2+ > Klarus XT1C


And now we’re going to see how the flashlight really acts when lit on :stuck_out_tongue:
Time for some BEAMSHOTS!!

First, no PWM on this flashlight! :THUMBS-UP

Then, the beam pattern!
Although the photos don’t show it accurately, there are some rings on the beam, due to the SMO reflector, that visible in almost all levels (on turbo is less perceptible, until it steps down).
But, considering this as an outdoor and “tactical” flashlight, I won’t pay much attention to this. It is “annoying”, yes, but considering the final purpose of the flashlight, I will consider it as “acceptable”. There is also some yellowish shift on the middle spill and the outer spill.
The hotspot is very well defined.

EDIT (the following day): 6m BEAMSHOTS

2m - 8m

2m – 70m

2m – 90m

70m (tower)

77m (building)

95m (house)





280 (farthest house)

Time for the overall appreciation!

The Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper, is a great flashlight, very well designed, sturdy, well finished, designed for an outdoor use, and seems to be “made to last”! Brinyte seems to be a consistent brand that is not just about the “goodie and oldie” B158 model!

With all the good things that this flashlight has, there are some aspects that I really thing that could be improved:

1 – Enabling a direct access to turbo! I also have the PT18pro to review and I consider that that flashlight has probably one of the best tactical UIs around. So, if Brinyte could, somehow, replicate that UI, this would be an even greater flashlight!

2 – The ringy beam! It is true that the SMO reflector is almost flawless, but maybe a different LED (XHP35 HI) or some adjustments could be made to make the rings in the beam disappear. If this is an issue of my sample, I say sorry!

The “goods” is all the rest I mentioned above and that I won’t take in consideration here :+1:

I want to thank Brinyte, and specially Kitty, for this opportunity to review some amazing flashlights! I do respect the work that this brand is doing and it is also important to see that they are taking into account the “community” considerations/suggestions.

Disclosure: I paid the shipping for both lights on DHL; I received the tracking number on the 24th June, the package was shipped on HK on the 27th and it arrived on the 29th June :+1:

If you have questions or comments, let them come!
Stay safe folks :wink:

Thanks for your review!~

Thank you Brinyte, and thanks for this opportunity :+1:

Added 6m beamshots
Added missing information in the “FROM OFF” part of the user interface!


This part is dedicated to some beamshot comparison between the 2 Brinyte flashlights I recently reviewed: the PT18pro Oathkeeper (LEFT) and the PT28 Oathkeeper (RIGHT) .

These are mostly outdoor and tactical flashlights, and in my humble opinion, they do a great job outside.
Against a white wall, the beams show some rings and tint shifts, but in outdoor environment those aspects don’t really show up.
The leds are Cool White so don’t expect High CRI rendition. However, you can expect some throw and some flood, which vary depending on the model.

Also, the PT18pro has a more intense hospot (due to the bigger SMO reflector) while still having a large spill!

Thanks for watching! :beer: