Review: Brinyte XML-C5 CREE XM-L T6

Brinyte XML-C5 CREE XM-L T6

Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★★★★★


Battery: 18650, fits protected no problem
Switch: tailcap clicky with 5 mode
LED Type: Cree XML T6
Lens: Glass i think it is coated
Tailstands: No
Price Payed: 29usd



  • Nice finish and no paint imperfections
  • Very well built
  • Thick walled
  • o rings lubed
  • Nice deep and thick SMO aluminium reflector
  • good heatsinking
  • price


  • 5 modes but i fixed thet by removing blinky and sos
  • LED underdriven

Features / Value: ★★★★★

I purchased this light from Bestinone for 29$ with registered mail and delivery took approximately 20 days, shiping was free, it came well packed in a box no damage during transport.

This light has 5 modes: High >Mid> Low> Strobe> SOS it uses NANJG 101 4xAMC7135.

High is bright and focused at 30cm hot spot from 2m distance, it has rly nice spill i must say beam is owesome and i rly like it.

For 29$ i got what i wanted a XML whit nice smooth deap reflector, plus is thet O rings are rly well lubed.For me this flashlight is worth money.

Design / Build Quality: ★★★★★

Flashlight is rly nice machined whit long smooth aluminium reflector with no visible imperfections.This is my third Ultrafire HS-802 body shape light and this one can be diasembled completely, nice treads no wisual imperfections. The coating is nice and smooth, mybe it isnt HAIII but it looks and feals like it is HAII.Its got a head bezel with mild crenellations which goes along whit look of the lights body. Its got a clear glass lens i think its got a coating on it not sure tho.Flashlights head has lots of cooling fins on it and so i think it could stand more Amps then it is now.Contacs betvin led pill and body are rly good, heat can transfers easily.LED is perfectly centered in the reflector and it is fixed by heatransfering glue.The body comes in 4 pices and it takes protected 18650 easiyl, there is no ratles all it is rly well put together


Battery Life: ★★★★★

Did not try to do a runtime but should be around 1h, coz it is only 1.4A driven.

Light Output: ★★★★

This is not the brightest light i have so far but i rly like it and gona mod driver to give 2.8A. Compared whit X8 throws the same but less light, it has bright small spot and has enough spill to light the area around the spot. The tint is cool white and is rly nice compared whit my X8 this one doesnt have any bluish. Whit freshly charged IMRs it gives me this Amps on tailcap.

1x18650 IMR 1.34A=high 0.38A=mid 0.06=low

Summary: ★★★★

With this light, I am very pleased. Quality is excellent, it is completely dismantlable. Light beam is a beautiful and trowy, lamp is not too big or small. If you modifie the driver you get perfect mid size XML thrower light. Here i agve also only 4 stars coz nead to mod driver to be perfect.

Great review ikocuba!

Great review!

Thanks very much ikocuba! Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

Nice review! Interesting to see another light using a NANJG driver. Seems a shame to run a XM-L on only 1.4A though when the heatsinking of the light certainly allows for more.

The 2.8 Ah makes a lot of difference, you will definitely notice the change.

Soon I will add one or two 7135s to the 2.8A to see if the gain in light output outweights the added heat.

I also have the Brinyte C5 XML with 3,5A driver....heat transfer is not really good, most heat goes direction > battery.

The large aluminium reflector is not used for heat transfer, like at Trustfire X8.

it looks like a hs-802 variation, i had xm-l t6 2b in it and 2.8a driver, very nice thrower

You can get them with a 2800 Mh driver. Last time I checked they were not listed on Bestinnone's website PM WendyHo and she'll hook you up. I got one and the thing is no joke.

Hey ikocuba

Could take some photos to show how the XM-L is sitting in the reflector?

Ah yes, Wendy.

Nice! I knew it. she is hot!!! By the way all I got was a flashlight. How did you get a picture?

Got her pic by chance. If you click on the thumbnail of her near the bottom of this page then you get the full size pic.

Dang. Very nice. That may just convice me to order something from her.

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