Review: Charger Soshine SC-S7 UK

This way:

Check my DMM guide for more explanation.

HKJ, I have a question for you…

I dont know if you have tried, but…

You said that it needs 1A no matter you use USB or 12v.

What happens if you connect the charger to a USB port or a USB power supply capable only of delivering 500mA??

It will not charge? It will charge, but at 500mA? It will give error message?


PS: veeery good review. Thanks for sharing

I have not tried it, but I would guess that the current is reduced when the usb voltage goes down, i.e. it will simply charge with a lower current.

that’s nice to know, I bought one thanks to your review to use it to charge NiHM cells with a 4 18650 box that gets power from a solar panel. Would be nice if I could hook it directly to my solar panel though, I’ll post back results when it arrives.

Do you have any way to test that? Because if it charges when conecting to a 500mA USB source, but at a lower rate than 1000mA, I will buy it on Sunday or Monday….

I will not recommend using any NiMH charger directly from a solar panel, this has to do with the charge termination.

With this charger, you might also get problems with the microprocessor.

I did a partial charge with 4.5 volt on the USB input (Most usb supplies will reduce the voltage when overloaded, not turn off).

The input current was reduced to 700mA, but the "smart" part of the charger did have some problems, it reported my battery as "poor" and there was a slight flashing in the display.

OK, thanks HKJ, now I will not buy it.

You have saved me 18$…

My purpose was to use it always at 5v USB and 500mA to charge batteries at 500 not at 1000.

Now, you said that it starts to do “estrange” things, such as reportin bad cell and some flashing in the screen….

Thanks a lot for your time and work, HKJ!!

I will continue searching for the perfect (or almost-perfect) USB charger

(I already have a sanyo AA/AAA USB charger for 9$ which is for me the best, but it charges only NiMh)

For LiIon the ML-102 is a good charger, but you do not get any fancy display.

Yes. Thanks HKJ, I was searching for a USB charger capable of charging both NiMh and Li-ion

hello HKJ, i saw that you make a lot of good reviews, and i´m new here, i don´t know much about the graphics that you showed here, but how about this charger, it´s dangerous to charge 18650 cells? can explode the batteries? cause this charge can handle all kind of batteries and has a good price, has many functions… i don´t have any charge at the moment, i bought one like this, but my light is always showing green when i try to charge the batteries. have you tried that?
this one from soshine has a good price… and functions… i will have problems with it?
many thanks, sorry for my ignorance about batteries and chargers…

Welcome! :slight_smile:

many thanks man, i hope i get to know best about batteries and chargers :slight_smile:

Generally even the worst LiIon chargers does not make batteries explode, but they might reduce the lifetime of the batteries and they might also be dangerous to touch.

If you need a cheap charger I would suggest the ML-102, it is usb powered.

so this soshine charger sc-s7 is not good to use AA , AA and 18650 batteries? cause i need to charge these 3 batteries :slight_smile:
this sc-s7 if i get the batteries out after charged i will not have problems?

You need to look at the Nitecore/Jetbeam Intellicharger I4 Version 2 type charger. The 4 Bay Version.

Here is a review from HKJ:

Nitecore Intellicharger Version 2 will be better than this one?

this one is the version 2?

Watch out. That Intellicharger isn't recommended for use with AAA's! Overheats them. Search BLF and read up on that.


Hi all,

I got a couple of these chargers with the hope that they can help me weed out some of the bad batteries as they come, and so far some of them has indeed triggered the “FAILED” message on this charger. Does anyone know how the charger determines if a battery has failed?

I’ve been using mine using a USB charger that is capable of supplying 1.3A (because I didn’t like the ripples that come after end of charge when you use the 12V power supply) and it takes seriously long to charge up a cell.

Almost 10 hours for a 2000mah battery.

Only use USB if you have a really good reason!

Thanks wshyhang!