Review: Coast LED Lenser Mini Tac Torch

The current that you're supposed to send through these are tiny compared to cree's, so no it probably won't work and you wouldn't want to do it even if it did.

I thought so. Thanks!

Just ordered, thanks!

They have been sending the tiny keychain version which uses the watch batteries instead of the mini tac's a very cute little nichia light looks exactly like a mini tac .. it's just 1/3rd the size and just as bright ..i like both ..let us know what they are sending out when you recieve your light .

Will do. Where is a good resource for battery replacements for these little lights. I am guessing the same size as the Streamlight Nano?

Nah, it's about twice the size of the Nano. I prefer the AAA battery light for run time.

I would prefer the AAA also. Beggars can't be choosers I guess. lol

I guess I should have posted here when I got mine it was the tiny G5 not the mini tac

It came with an extra set of batteries, it's pretty bright and it is is $9.99 at sears so for $3.50 it's a good deal.

I got the same thing in black .. it looks just like the mini tac .. is called the nano tac takes Lr754 watch batteries(cheap on ebay) and is a forward clicky..a nichia (same output as the mini tac ) almost exactly the size of a AAAbattery but 1/2 inch longer ..I had previously tried to avoid this light because of the 4 watch batteries now i like it as well if not better than the mini tac ..nano tac rules as a keychain light that works well lasts a long time and weighs nothing .

Boaz seal of approval

just filled out the survey....will post what i get once it shows up

I happily received my survey light a few weeks ago, to my surprise they sent me the G10 led light. 1xAAA, 18 lumens at 3 hr run time. Same shape and size.

did any of you guys receive a confirmation email or anything after having done the survey and paid via credit card?

I ordered two more today and received an email for each as soon as I submitted the orders. card was billed the $3.54, but no confirmation email...

I wonder if you could jam a 14650 in it or if it would fry it...

It would take quite some jamming since a 14650 is bigger than the light.

Just wondering since he said it looked like a AA would fit with half an inch to spare...

No, he said the whole light is the size of a AAA but slightly longer.

14650 would totally work. You'd just need to go at it with a vegetable peeler for a bit. That's totally a good idea, right?

Oops what have I been smoking today... hehe... :D