Review: Convoy M1 XM-L T6-3C 2.8A 2-Group 3/5 mode

Good review. I agree, , the convoy lights seem real well built. The specifications make modding of budget lights almost unnecessary, their almost like very good pre-assembled diy hosts than budger lights, this I feel realy is a good thing. :bigsmile:

Awesome review Johnny! Glad to hear it's a great light. I have to say, appearance-wise the M2 does look sharper.


Great review and great light :smiley: Nice shots, J :wink: :beer:

Thanks for the great and detailed review. I have been waiting for it since I heard you were getting one for a review!
I ended up ordering the empty and non-branded host from cnqualitygoods (OEM D4) instead of the M1 the other day (I prefer it that way). But there is no denying the M1 offers the best bang for the buck despite that it comes nicely built. I hope Fasttech will get all the “convoy” lights as unbranded lights at a great price in the future.
I look forward to beamshot comparison!

Help a noob please! Whats the difference between these and which one do you recomend?

Thanks! :smiley:

More AMC chips equals higher output on high. (downside is more heat and less battery life).

The first numbers after XM-L is BIN. It tells you about the expected output/efficiency of the led. Read more here

The number after bin is tint. Or color temperatur. Here is a chart I made for the tints sold from Fasttech:

I would have bought it with 8x AMC and 5C tint. But I prefer warmer tints…

+1 :slight_smile:

So the U2 8xamc will give me maximum brightness?

The 8 chips (8x350) they use gives a total of 2,8 Amps.
6 chips gives a total of 2,1 Amps.

See the XM-L specs/chart in the link in my previous post for more info…


I just ordered Convoy M1 Cree XM-L U2-1B


Must appreciated review. Many thanks. Ive been using the M1 now for over a week; and I like it a lot. It’s got a lot going for it.
I got the very same one that’s being reviewed here. Probably the best thing about the M1 is the tints/drive levels available, since everyone has his own preference… :smiley:

Hey JohnnyMac, is there any chance you could take a photo of the M1 with a L2T or L2P (or some solarforce L2*)? I have an M1 on order from FastTech, but I’d like to see the comparison for size…


Very helpful review, and I do believe it’s time to order one…

I must admit, I like the appearance of the M2 more, but you mentioned something about the M1 performing better. Will you explain why?

Beamshot and comparison pics added to the original post.

Better throw due to larger reflector while still providing great spill and much better heat management due to head design. Don’t get me wrong, the M2 is a great light and you won’t go wrong getting one. I am just surprised because I like the M1 a whole lot more than I expected to.

The M2 is the same size as a p60. Granted, the L2T does look and feel a little smaller than the other L2 models but I was surprised that the M1 was actually larger than the L2T. Not much, as you can see in the pics, but enough, especially in head diameter.

Thanks Very Much!
The M1 is bigger than I pictured it. Guess I’ll have to order an M2 as well.


Excellent review Johnny. Another item to add to the wishlist for my next order. Seems as though this is a much better alternative to the Solarforce builds that I've done.

Thanks for the review JohnnyMac. Interesting light. The battery tube reminds me of the Shadow line of lights.

I have yet to own a Convoy, I might start with a S2 then work my way up to the M1. They really do look well made. Thanks for the detailed review!

Great review. Thanks for that.

Also, I am very impressed with Fasttech. They seam to go the extra mile and care about the customer, which is rare for a Chinese based company.

One suggestion on your review. I always find it helpful to see lights in someones hand to get an idea on its size. You have parts in your hand which helps, but a hand actually holding the light is good.

Thanks again.