[Review] Convoy M21C ( XHP70.2, 1 x 21700) - Excellent performance and regulation # Outdoor beamshots included

If I borrow the good tailcap (bypassed spring) from the M21C SST40 and use it on the M21C XHP70.2, it has no problems.

The tailcap appears to be the problem - in this short video, turning the flashlight upside or down will change the mode.

(4000mAh 21700 battery is used for the M21C)

M21C brown is the XHP70.2 version, the M21C grey is the SST40 version.

M21C XHP70.2 tailspring = not spring-bypassed (seems to have collapsed)

compare to the tailcap from the M21C SST40:

maybe problem with switch ,
pls leave me your message in PM ,i will send some new to you

Not a good sign.

This please. Can anyone tell us the driver diameter? Is it the same size driver as M26C? Just want to know driver dimensions please. thank you, I have an M26C on the way

M21C / M26C all 22mm

Finally arrived; the new orange peel reflector.

Old beam shot

New beam shot


Thank you for your feedback.

Yesterday i got mine. I gotta say that SMO reflector shows amazingly small amount of yellow crap comming from XHP70.2. I’m still surprised. And those rings Swabs are talking about are coming from the bottom part of the bezel ring and sometimes from reflector emitter opening.

Simple solution is to use permanent marker and ink just the opening of reflector and bottom part of the bezel ring. Be carefull not to touch the inside of reflector!

Beam gets improved instantly without rings. I’m gonna heat anodize bezel ring for much better look instead of just painting it.

Truely impressed with SMO reflector!

I just got mine and it has the same ring around the edge. Does not bother me. Nice light. Great price. I like Convoy a lot.

Received my M21C, excellent flashlight, the only thing that does not fit me on paper and that my M21C differs from the measurements of the review are the lumens and the consumptions. The normal for 4,000 OTF lumens is about 15A, and that proportion I get in mine, about 8.5A and 2,700 lumens, very far from the 9A and 4,000 lumens of the review, but still excellent.

I also measured the M21C XHP70.2 at around 8-9 Amps max (tailcap current), which is also similar for the Astrolux FT02S (XHP70.2). Both flashlights claim “4000+” lumens, but my own “guesstimate” (ceiling bounce lux measurement) would be in the ballpark of ~3000 lumens, which matches with the power/current consumption.

I would say the Convoy M21C (XHP70.2) and the Astrolux FT02 (XHP70.2) are very similar in terms of brightness and beam pattern. Both have similar size heads and both use 1x21700 battery. Difference is one uses a tailswitch and the other uses a side-switch…

Anyone tried the new Orange Peel reflector with XHP 70 ?

No one mentioned compatibility with 18650. Is that a non-issue?

I have it. Like it more than SMO cause beam is just perfect. Transition from hotspot to spill is flawless but throw is a bit reduced.

OP makes the light more floody,
IMR18650 can be used in M21C

Thank you Simon,

that means no Samsung INR batteries including 30Q,
only something like Efest IMR, 20A 35A ?

No, he just means 18650s will fit in the light and that high drain is suggested/required. 30Q should be perfectly fine since they can handle 15A (and even 20A, but with significant voltage sag).

In fact, INR batteries can also be used

That’s great, makes sense, I think originally, I got confused by

Other 21700 flashlights list

What XHP 70.2 color temperature do you guys recommend?

  1. XHP70.2 6500K
  2. XHP70.2 5000K
  3. XHP70.2 4000K
  4. XHP70.2 3000K

M21C will be used as a thrower and I am ordering one with SMO reflector for max throw. ’
But I am not sure if I should get 5000K or 4000K.

Is the 4000K less efficient in terms of kcd and throw?

i dont think XHP70.2 LED is a good selection for long range light