[Review] Convoy M21G XHP70.3 HI 6500K 5000lm

Hello everyone!

One more review finished. Convoy M21G XHP70.3 HI 6500K 5000lm LED compared to other different flashlights.
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**Cooling in fridge after about 3-4 minutes use in turbo mode:**

Color temperature measurements and PWM using OPPLE Light Master Pro:

Nice review, thank you.

Thank you for watching :slight_smile:

That’s a nice (simple) flashlight and nice video review. Thanks for posting!

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

Nice video as usual! Our NZ friend Funtastic has been unhappy with that skinny bright ring at the edge of the spill. In your footage outdoors it doesn’t appear so bad but it’s visible way off to the sides on High and Turbo. Indoors it’s certainly noticeable. Did you notice it in testing/filming, or find it distracting? Been thinking about this today and might have to do some experimenting.

I do not usually notice bad patterns, I’ll have to check it. I mostly used it for longer ranges and for my use the only thing I need is sustainable and constant output :slight_smile:

Edit: Yes it does have narrow ring at close range (from polished bezel) but I do not mind it :slight_smile:

Be careful not to see something you can never unsee…! :slight_smile:

For me most flashlights are just tools :slight_smile: I understand that for others this may be a hobby, but I focus on other aspects :slight_smile: