Review: CooYoo Quantum Copper (Runtimes, Outputs, Beamshot comparisons, and fix-it tutorial probably).

Ok folks. Everyone knows about the CooYoo Quantum, and literally everyone has a review about it. I have some beamshot comparisons, test runtimes, test outputs, drop it, drop it in a glass of water, and show you how to repair it if it doesn’t charge. So if you literally haven’t watched any other videos about it, which I don’t believe, you can watch this one. I just upgraded the audio input interface to my computer, so the audio is clearer and more noise free than ever. I purposefully make it a bit loud so you can hear it on all devices, no matter how weak the speakers are- so make sure you don’t have it full blast when you start it. This was provided by Gear Best for review. You can buy it from them, for the following prices with the following coupon codes, but you already know that. Copper and Brass 25.99$ (Coupon: cycobr), TI 31.99$ (coupon: cyti), SS 21.99$ (coupon: cyss) Make sure you upgrade to shipping with tracking!!!

Nice review! Love that copper

Thanks again for the nice review. It was slightly longer than one beer.


great enterteinment and hard facts!


I was going to say, 5AM and polishing off a beer, nice! Then I looked at the county. Sometimes I forget where people are from. Not that there’s anything wrong with drinking before the sun comes up.

My first copper light. Can’t wait for that group buy!

I call em as I see em.

Amusing and nicely done as usual.