REVIEW: Courui D01 (XM-L2 , 3x18650)

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First impressions:
Shipped from: GearBest
Special Price $29.99 with coupon GBCourui

The flashlight reflector is really big….and it is clearly made to “throw” the light!!
When i irdered it i thought it could have been bigger than it accually is, i expected a bigger host to contain 3x18650 batteries but the internal space is really optimized like described by pictures.

I appreciate the fact that i choosed the gray version instead of the black one, and the switch is not at the back but on the side, and it’s electronic kind.

Modes and estimated lumens:
Switch type: ELECTRONIC
There are “ 3 ” modes in the following order:

  1. High – 2) low – off. 3) long press for strobo (hidden mode)
    You need to press all modes (naturally except strobo….it’s hidden) to turn it off.

My estimated lumens are 1000

>>LIGHT >>> The angle of refraction:

Weight and dimensions measurements (made myself, not by specs):
This flashlight weighs precisely 467 gr
Height 18 cm
Diameter 4,5 cm
Head diameter 7,6 cm

Construction quality:
It arrived in perfect condition, just a tiny scratch on the front crown, the lense and reflector was clear at 97% but i cleared all opening the front part and taking apart the lense and the reflector, i thought the 3% of “non smooth leflector” was a construction defect ( like generally it is) but i was wrong…. just a little speck!

I’t impressing how fine and precise is the quality of the host,it is stupendous and only macro pictures could explain it in the right way.

Lanyard hole: NOT PRESENT

Threads came NOT GREASED, but this is not a big con, i used my grease.(mine isn’t an high quality one, but you can buy a top notch if you prefer)

Led Tint, reflector and lense:
The led is well centered and its tint is warm white
Reflector made of: SMOOTH – ALUMINUM
Lense made of: GLASS

Outside beamshot at 25 meters, only at FULL power (same place for all my reviews)

Wall beamshot at 250 centimeters, from lower to higher power (same place for all my reviews)

Ceiling bounce test with LUXmeter:


- a really good thrower

- proper price from gearbest (probably the lowest)

- to be a 3x18650 flashlight is “compact”

- host nicely machined

  • side switch more comfortable than rear switch


- impossibility to use flat top batteries (does not make contact without top button)

  • i cannot find other problems, maybe i don’t have the necessary skills to find it disassembling the driver and led

Final thoughts and why you should buy it:

There are many “throwers” flashlights in the market but this one owns an actually wide diameter reflector which is capable of obtain excellent performances.
I am sure that in the future i’ll mod this flashlight ( at the moment i am not capable to do nothing…….) with some interesting new better performing leds, but even remaining at stock condition it’s a satisfyng chunk of flashlight, being 1000 lumens not so few if you figure them in a narrow beam!

Thanks for reading……
….and if you notice some bad written phrases, feel free to correct me suggesting the right way to write it!! :slight_smile:

Nice review as well as the pictures, thanks!

You got a warm white LED in there?

Hi, Realista. Thanks so much for giving a review of the stock light (haven't seen a single one yet except for yours).

Nicely written review! Your english isnt too bad… Its good enough that we understand what you’re trying to tell us! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review, shame that it can’t use laptop pulls :frowning:
Looks like a nice host for the modders

If it was just a few dollars cheaper I’d buy one. :_(

Great review!
This is what i’ve been searching for long.
i wonder which one to buy between courui d01 and yezl y3(with xml2)… :~

I use flat top Panasonic NCAR18650 (grey 2900mAh) laptop pulls in my Courui D01 with no problems. My measurements suggest the positive anode is approximately 0.15mm (6mils) above the protective vinyl washer. Also, include the fact that the spot welds are not completely flush after some touch filing to bring them down to size.

Nice review. I found your review interesting to read. Your English is very good. Thanks :slight_smile:

Easy fix: Put a blob of solder on the flat surface and now it becomes “button top”. :wink:

Wish came true!
” Flash Sale Price $24.99 “:

You know Realista this review i the reason I bought it
Nice light

ehehehe i’m honored :wink: