Review: DQG Tiny 26650 7x XP-G2 2500 lumen Flashlight

Hey there BLF. A few weeks ago Banggood sent me the new DQG tiny 26650 light to review. Instead of a standard old triple, it has 7 XP-G2 emitters and it’s shorter than a Zebralight SC600 mkIII. In the review I compare a few other 26650 lights to the DQG, do some runtime tests, test output levels and more. Hit me up with any questions. Thanks!

Loved the review mh. Nice little light. :THUMBS-UP:

Nice and detailed review again, thanks!

You can also click once to turn on, then hold the button to cycle between low, med, & high

great review as always :beer:

Yes, great review!

cool review! keep it up!

Nice review as always! Great outdoor shots.

Yeah it is… nice knurling too. Thanks!


Yeah… I phrased that in a different way in the UI demo. Thanks!

Thanks man!

Will do, thanks!

I hope it gives people a good idea how the beam looks during actual use.