Review: DQG Tiny II


Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Battery: 1x AAA
Switch: Twisty
Modes: Low - High
LED Type: Cree XP-G R5
Lens: PMMA
Tailstands: Yes
Price Payed: $38.7 shipped
Date Ordered:

July 4th 2011


  • Ridiculous small
  • Perfect tailstand
  • GITD elements
  • Comes with claw, o-rings
  • Perfect smooth beam


  • Build quality could be slightly better
  • A little bit pricey

Features / Value: ★★★★★

It is time for my first review!

I was looking for a replacement for the cheap plastic button cell dx 10 pack thing I had on my keychain and stumbled upon the DQG Tiny II, the self-proclaimed Smallest AAA EDC Flashlight. I ordered from on July 4th and got the light delivered today (July 20th). The manufacturer is a chinese flashaholic who builds this light on his own. The light comes in a nice small box together with a claw and 2 spare o-rings.

Design / Build Quality: ★★★★

The design and build quality are very good, but not flawless. Due to the facts that this light is really small, made by a one-man manufacturer and will be used as a keychain light where it will get scratched anyway I can easily overlook the imperfections on the tailcap and the knurling.

The thread comes slightly lubed and smooth, one hand operation is no problem.

The circuit board has a small nub in the center, so I assume it works with every AAA battery no matter how long the pin is.

The light tailstands perfectly:

The lens is absolute clear, the emitter is centered perfectly:

The single parts (did i mention this light is small?)

Battery life: ★★★★★

I have no idea how long the battery lasts and will therefore not give any stars. On the distributor's site they claim the light gets 25mA on low and 210mA on high with given runtime of 10 hours and 1 hour. I use an Energizer Ultimate Lithium and will let you know when its time to change it.

Edit: I did some runtime measurements with an alkaline primary from local discounter (80min on high until 1,2V and the light gets dim) and a fully charged Eneloop AAA (847mA, 75min). The light gets warm, but not untouchable hot, no problem to run it on high for a longer time.

Light Output: ★★★★★

The Tiny II uses an Cree XP-G emitter. You can order either an R5 binning which I assume is cool white or an R4 binning thats more neutral. I ordered the R5 version and was surprised to see a slightly yellowish beam, not cool white or blueish at all. So either I got the R4 binning by accident or they use a really likable R5 tint. There is a very big hotspot and nearly no spill at all, so this light is neither a thrower nor a pure flooder, but a very good compromise for an EDC.

However, here are some beamshots in comparison to the ITP EOS A3 upgraded with XP-G R5 emitter (left: Tiny II, right: EOS A3, both powered with an Energizer Ultimathe Lithium AAA primary):

Both on low:

Tiny II on low, EOS A3 on mid:

Tiny II on high, EOS A3 on mid:

Both on high:

Summary: ★★★★★

I think this is a good EDC light, not exactly budget, but worth its money.

man, that really is tiny...i think I may have to buy one.

thanks for the review mate.

Just forgot: There is a possible group buy for this light.

Thanks for the review. I had noticed this a while back but the shipping cost put me off. Let's hope the group buy can happen.

The battery life and current numbers sound correct to me. Keep in mind the LED is being driven at 3.6ish volts, which the battery is putting out 1.2ish volts. To get 25mA, you'd need to draw a minimum of 75mA, and to get 210mA, a minimum of 630mA. Those are minimums, assuming no losses in the driver, and the battery holds its voltage at that power, both of which are not true. A AAA Eneloop is 800mah, which gives a combined driver and battery efficiency of >75% on high and >90% on low, which is right where you'd expect.


Aaargh, you are right, I completely forgot about the different voltage levels since I normally only use liion rechargebles. I will edit my mistake, than you!

I hope more people go in on the group buy. Its the perfect keychain edc.

That thing is so cool I would be so afraid of loosing it is so small and expensive.

Very nice light! Truly unique, innovative size. I would probably bite on this light too, for a lower price.

Thanks for the great review! Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

Sweet! I hope the group buy is coming to life now, I really want one.

C'mon guys, it's really pretty!

This is the first light (AAA) that I was actually comfortable with it on my keychain. To me its darn near perfect. It doesn't try to be a pocket rocket, its got an optic (I like their beam pattern), and its available in a nice neutral tint (looks 5-ish to me). It tiny, yet entirely usable. I may be forced to get another. :)

Nice review, I'm glad to see what people think of this light, though it's a little expensive for me. The iTP A3 you are comparing this with . . . is it a XP-E or XP-G version?

The EOS A3 is the new XP-G version.

I did some runtime measurements and will add the data, they look promising.

I have one product like this, only fell it's so expensive.

Do it! I also think it is near perfect as well.

I really like the R4 tint on high, but there is a visible shift in tints on low and high... so I assume it is also current controlled like the version 1 of the light.

Here is another review with some nice comparisons.

Hmmm, I destroyed already my first O-ring on my first battery change ... might have to order some spare ones.

I sanded the start of the threads with a fine sandpaper as I found them to be sharp enough to cut the o-ring. Also sufficient lubrication is highly recommended. Ive not cut any o-rings yet.

sorry for the semi-offtopic...

when ordering this flashlight, cnqualitygoods adds a tracking number for free? or you have to pay separately?

hi, when i click on "Add To Cart", i get a message popup, anyone else too?

i would buy it as gift