[review] Fenix ​​E18R, XP-L Hi 750lm, 16340 + magnetic charging

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A few months ago I tested the Fenix E16 flashlight, which is still with me today.
Fenix E18R is another model from the series powered by 16340 cells. The E18R model additionally received a magnetic charging, which I miss so much in E16, but is it the only change?

The packaging in which we receive the E18R is almost identical to that of the E16 model. My flashlights come from Polish distribution - from Kolba.pl

In the package, apart from the flashlight itself, we find:

- USB charging cable

- papyrology

- Fenix 16340 cell (the manufacturer does not add links to E16)

- leash

- spare oring

  • metal ring (for mounting a flashlight, eg for keys)

Looking from the front, E18R is similar to E16, which you can read about here:

Unfortunately - and I say this with great pain, the E18R is only available with a cold-colored XP-L Hi diode. Neutral E16 diode, which I love and I was hoping that it will be in the higher model, unfortunately Fenix did it differently. This is how the more refined E18R with a cold diode was created

On one of the “sides” a function button was placed, which additionally received a diode informing, among others, on the charge status of the cell - once pressed on green or red, green means that the flashlight is recharging, red that needs to be connected to the charger.

On the other side, a place to connect a magnetic charger - a capacity of about 1A, with a cell capacity of 700mAh is quite a good result

E18R body looks a bit different than E16, in my opinion it looks worse, unnecessary embosses at the button spoil the minimalist E16 effect - and it’s a pity

The appearance of the middle tube has changed - now it is striated, pleasant to touch and provides a better grip when the flashlight is wet

The flat cap will allow you to place the flashlight vertically, with room for a leash

Unlike E16, here to get to the cell we unscrew the cap and not the head of the flashlight

The link I wrote about at the beginning, Fenix with a capacity of 700mAh

The controller is not built as in E16, the control has also changed slightly - although here I am not 100% sure, because my E16 is a model from the beginning of production, and the improved model came out for sale.

The control is very easy:

- turn on the flashlight by holding the button for 0.5 seconds,

- always starts in the lowest mode (E16 started in the last saved mode, in my opinion starting from the lowest mode in such a flashlight is a better solution)

- change modes by pressing the button (1 click - 1 change) from the lowest to the highest

  • turn off the flashlight by holding the button for 0.5 seconds.

Protection against excessive discharge of the cell takes us TURBO mode at about 3.2V (in my E16 this is at the threshold of 3.6V, but in a later version it could change).
Fenix E18R has hidden strobe - when switching on, hold the button for 1.2 seconds. There is also a lock against accidental switching on - two quick clicks on the switched off flashlight within 0.5 seconds activate or deactivate the protection. Fenix says that the flashlight has two security devices, the other one is a clip that can be set in such a way that prevents / hinders accidental switching on the flashlight.

E18R and E16 together Smiley

Size comparison JETBeam JET-1 Mk, Fenix E18R and E16R. JETbeam powered by 14500 cells is noticeably longer

Comparison of cell sizes of several manufacturers, the first is Fenix, the second link from Lumintop to the USB port and the third is Keeppower, the next two are links 18350 - only for size comparison.
And just as you can insert each of these 16340 cells into the E16 - and the flashlight works without the slightest problem, so we do not put the Keeppower in E18R, because it’s too long and we will not even turn on the flashlight. It is worth paying attention to this when buying this flashlight, especially if we have links at home.

A slightly larger body, magnetic power supply, it automatically translates into a higher weight, about 50 grams with a cell.

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance - Fluorescent H

Fenix E18R - from the lowest to TURBO

Fenix E16 - TURBO mode. The choice of diode depends on many factors - also from what we like, in this particular case E16 outclasses E18R in every aspect. In the field, we will not see a difference of 50lm in favor of E18R, looking at the color and color reproduction - E16 in this duel is second to none.

JETBEAM JET-1 MK - TURBO mode. This example shows greatly that the E18R, despite the smaller reflector, but thanks to the XP-L Hi diode and good optics, it shines both - far and wide.

A few words of summary.

Here I can send you back to the Fenix E16 review: [review] Fenix ​​E16, XP-L Hi neutral 700lm
E18R like its predecessor is well made, additionally got a magnetic power supply, 16340 link in the set (which also translates into a higher price of the flashlight), a slightly different look - I liked E16 more, but as you know, the appearance is a matter of taste. The controller has changed a little - now it starts from the lowest mode and not the last saved one.
Briefly summarizing, E18R is improved in several respects E16, with a slightly larger dimensions, with the ability to charge without an external charger, with improved software, even the clip has changed, now it better protects the flashlight against accidental switching.
E18R like E16 is another cool flashlight from Fenix, this time a bit more expensive and unfortunately with a diode with a cold color. Are you wondering about buying it?
Think about what you expect, do you want a diode with a cold color? E18R will be a great choice. Do not you like cold colors? Think about E16, but remember that in the set you will not find links 16340, no magnetic charging (or charging cells at all) and a slightly different driver.

Thanks for your attention.
I wish you successful shopping Smiley

Awesome pictures and review! How does it carry in the pocket? I’m currently carrying an AA light right now (EagTac D25A), does it feel smaller in the pocket compared to the JETBeam?

I never had a D25A, but you can compare the dimensions with JETBeam.
Fenix is much nicer than JETBeam - smaller, with better UI.