Review: Fenix HP30R

You can buy Fenix HP30r at:
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Fenix released really interesting headlamp with separate 2x1865 battery block and flood\spot lights.
Mostly, that is a mixture of HP25R and HP30.
There are few similar products at market not. For example, predecessor, though HP30 had separate battery block, but only 1 SMO reflector. And actually, it`s ( HP30`s) direct rival is Nitecore H70, while
HP30R stays quite aside.

Of course, there is a nameless hordes of cheap 2x18650 lights, terrible zoomies with terrible quality.



30R is not 1st top model from Fenix that I review, so I had an idea what I would get. And, yes, again this is thick cardboard box with excellent printing. So if you are going to make a present to somebody, this package will not look cheap, it is a perfect for a gift. And, again, such cardboard will easily survive long jorney from China to your postbox.

I must notice that not a long time ago we`ve witnessed a good intention to place runtime close to real, not like “120 min turbo”, not it looks like “3+115”. Great step toward customers, and here in HP30R Fenix tried to improve it with runtime charts. 1st time seen in 3 years of reviewing ) Unfortunately, you have to be friends with mathematics, because scale of this charts is very tricky. Please take a closer look.
Well, that`s ok for rear side of package, but I think it`d be a way more useful for user to get seratate runtime charts in manual for each mode. I tried fix that and spent a lot, lot of time to provide you, guys, with really readable charts for most of modes with cooling\no cooling and 2 types of batteries.

Headlamp and rest of stuff are nicely and accurate placed into foam rubber.

Package includes:
1*LED Headlamp, 1*Cable Clip, 1*Waist Clip, 1*Headband Mount, 1*USB Charging Cable, 1*Waterproof Ring, 2*Cable Buckets, 2*Li-Ion Batteries

Size is quite small.
headlamp 77х52х 34mm,
battery compartment:115x56x30mm

Hadlamp body cannot be disassembled, so here is a pic from manufacturer.

There are black\grey versions, I got black. Trrrruue black!

As you can see, bodies of 25r and 30r are very alike, differences are minor.

And, no surprise, battery compartments are totally different.

So,i`ll start with it.
I really like battery compartment of HP30r, mostly for it`s metal safety cover (please give me proper name for this). This one reminds me of some old tech-design from my childhood.
Cable is long, 120cm is no doubt enough for even really tall man.

Battery cover is completely removable.

Just spin the knob and tighten the bolt to close cover. In the mid part of it there is a rubber-plug that cover a pair of USB ports. This rubber plug is really tight so you may not be afraid of water.

There is a single button by this spinning knob, which start indication\powerbank function. Just press it short and small see blue LEDs glow. 4 LEDS – charge is more than 80., 3 = 60-80, 2 = 40-60, 1 = 20-405. One blinking LED means less than 20 of charge.

Long press starts powerbank function.

Short segment of cable comes out of battery compartment and has a tight and deep plug with 2nd long segment from headlamp body.

There is a +\ hint and (great!) dualsping. I don`t think there is a real need of dualspring here, but anyway it`s better then regular spring+contact plate.

Resuming my impression, I have no complaints about build quality , construction and usefulness of battery compartment.

And here is the HP30R body itself. It`s made of aluminnium, and though it is similar to HP25R, there are some differences.

the most obvious difference is the lack of red-light LED and having a pair of flood light LEDs intead. Here are XP-G2 R5 and TIR-lenses.

Inscect eye -)

Another noticeable difference – SMO instead of OP.
I think is a reasonable decision. If you need to work at close range, you`ll start flood light anyway once you have such an option. And if you need to look far away, SMO is better than OP.
Reflector is about 15mm deep

Cooling ribs are shallow and that`s why I wouldn`t overestimate their functionality.

60 degree tilt shift.


And some minor info.

As before, this plastic part is curved for more ergonomic and comfortable use.

UI is the same as of 25R, and if you`ve already used other Fenix headlamps, you`ll face nothing new here.

Again – small plastic cover prevent accidental turning headlamp On\off.

Batteries, included in package are regular and well-known Fenix 2600mah. I think time has come to stop with them and star to add 3400-3500. With price of HP30R such small difference in prices of this batteries is nothing.

Another minor difference is the lack of RED light. For my it signifies that while HP25R was good for tourism, HP30R is mostly for work needs, where red light is no use at all.
My overall impression about appearance, build quality and construction is positive.


Simple. Really simple and convenient.
Press flood\spot button to start and adjust low\spot light.
1.2 sec pressing spot light button activates SOS.
That`s it )
Long press button at battery compartment to start powerbank function.


I start with charging. I`ve measured 1.77A which is great. The same amperage was in powerbank mode. From pair of 18650GA (3100\3150 mah each) I` ve got about 4600mah. So ratio is about 70-80%, which

I assume to be ok for headlamp. Anyway, charging your phone will be quick (1.8A!) and convenient.

I haven`t seen any PWM-Shimmering at any mode.
What about light distribution, it is as you can expect. Totally floody wall of NW light in FLOOD mode. And clear hotspot in SPOT mode.
Obviously HP25R with its OP has wider sidelight than HP30R with SMO.

But in reality I wouldn`t say that difference is that significant, as reflector is not that deep.

What else…light modes are useful, either FLOOD or SPOT.
I don`t think that there is any use of FLOOD+SPOT simultaneously in turbo mode. Thermal stepdown activates quite quick in this case. But, with FLOOD+SPOT in lower modes, this feature (both lights at ehe same time) may be really useful.
Lets take a look at charts.
Such /\\\\\\\ looks as you expect from product of this size, but what I think is that in realy you`ll hardly see this. If you use HP30R indoor , there is no need to use high-turbo. I think they are mostly for ourdoor work, where you can always get some wind cooling.

I was surpised not to see any significant effect of fan cooling to brightness in HIGH mode. It was just little bit higher than without cooling. Yet at the same situation, effect of cooling to runtime was noticeable, it was shorter.


turbo flood

turbo spot

turbo spot+flood

I decided to split charts, there are to much lines to be readable if they all were in one.

BTW, I have to notice that in deep discharge HP30R switches to FLOOD LOW mode that lasts forever, I couldn’t completely discharge batteries at all )





Good headlamp for workers. Battery compartment has safety cover, 2x18650 means long runtime.
Powerbank feature and great charge amperage. Light is convenient for all situation. I don`t see any similar product at the market now, which is great situation for Fenix )
I don’t think that is a touristic light, for me personally, that`s a great choice for any build\construction work.

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