Review: Fit-40s 7x xm-l t6, 3 18650

This review is down to following the traditional manc reaction to something we dont fully accept - gobbing off….

This usually results in a seller giving up and going home, in this case, Jill Yao didn’t back down, she was not a representative of a sales team, she represented a manufacturer, fit-electric, and she was prepared to stand behind her product. To the point she made an offer that shocked me, and firmly put the ball back in my court, your move gords….

What she did was sent me the light in question for a review, she included the cells and charger the company would supply in a complete package, leaving me no option but to try and write an honest and thorough review to dispell the belief I’m little more than a wind bag.

Two weeks later, i recieved this light.

shown next to the trusty fancy flashlights 18650 sized edc for size comparison.

Manufacturers specification:-

Product name:Aluminium flashlight
Product name:super power flashlight
Lifespan :Over 100,000hrs
Circuit Constant current circuit, memory function ,High-Temperature Protection
Output Low-Mid-High-Strobe-SOS
Batteries 3*18650
Material T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, military grade
ReflectorAluminum reflector
LensGlass lens
Appearance Black color, hand anodizing oxidation, wear resistant and

good hand feeling
Accessories With Lanyard
Switch Tail cap clicky switch
Waterproof IP-66, anti dust, living water and rain
Package Neutral white box/Black gift box
Product size 80(Head dia.) *38(Body dia.) *30(Tail dia.)*340(Length)mm*630g
Gift box size 272(L) * 90(W) * 80(H)mm
Features Ultra brightness, Seeking, Hunting, Reparing, Guiding,

lighting for large area, etc…
Application Promotion, Display and sale, Opening ceremony, outdoor

Accessories Neutral white box Flashlight * 1 Manual * 1

Two dimension code * 1
Optional Black gift box * 1 18650 with protection(2400mAh) * 3 Battery

charger*1 CE plug converter
Volt : 9-15V Current/A: 7.5A

Initial impressions, its hefty, tipping the kitchen scales at 620g dry, it also arrived in a rather battered display package, along with three no name 2400mah cells, a wall wart charger and uk adaptor.

I quickly loaded it up and cycled through the modes, yep, it works. One thing though, the specs say its five mode, hi-mid-low-strobe-sos. Now, I tried everything, loosening the head, double clicking, sacrificing a goat. Sorry guys, I just cant find strobe OR sos, All I have is high, medium and low. GET **G IN!

The driver has mode memory, it seems to be on after a couple of seconds of lumen fix - once your on for a few seconds, its a douple click to change modes, then you can cycle through to select how much you wish to beat the crap out of the dark. Did I mentioun this things pretty damm bright?

The tail cap readings and emitter readings tell the story -

@ 3.8v

Hi:- 2.66a

Calculating out (thanks Johnnymac for this) on high we have 1.14a/emitter so 400 lumen/emitter or 2800 emitter lumens, ball park 2500 lumen out the front. Not too shabby, not the quoted 4500 lumens, but still, not behind it competitors either.

The clamp meter backs up the maths, on high, 1.1a on the series wired circuit.

A quick look at the driver

Reveals a familiar assembly, even if i dont know the exact model. It does have pwm on all three modes, sorry, no frequency, but a test on an engine pulley running @900rpm reveals that even on low, its not a long way behaind a nanjg driver, noticable but not annoying and much higher frequency than the keygos m10’s stock driver in direct comparison. Its od is 30mm, meaning a little work to fit the intloutdoor 7*xm=l driver, but still doable. The driver is secured with a decent sized threaded aluminium ring, so driver swaps or reflector removal is not a bind (reflector is secured by two screws accessed from the driver cavity)

Seen in this picture with the delrin plunger locator. The light itself is well assembled, and definitely on the large side, comparing the head to the fancy flashlights edc

gives an idea of the size. The outer bezel measures 81mm od, with the reflector and lense measuring 67.8mm, the head then necks down to 50mm at the cooling fins before finally reducing down to the 18650 tube. The body tube is in three parts, a two cell section that screws into the head (two cell operation is possible, but only on low) and a fatter single cell tail section, both have square cut anodized threads so tail cap lock out is possible.

A run time/temp test on the light using the supplied cells gave the following results, pictures taken at ten minute intervals and terminating when the light stepped down to low. Top temp is light head temp (probe taped level with the stars), bottom temp is ambient.

At this point, after the second needed to work out why the room had gone dark (the light stepped down to low) the test was terminated and the cells pulled as quickly as possible, the whole light was warm to the touch (tail stood, no cooling) and the pulledcells were warm too. From head to tail, the cells read 3.28v, 3.43v, 3.49v.

After ten minutes rest period they read from head cell to tail cell 3.45v, 3.46v, 3.46v. I assume the low reading from the head cell is due to voltage sag under heat and that the light stepped down due to low voltage rather than heat, as the photo’s show, the temperature quickly rose to 50 degrees c, then fairly levelled off. I will have to repeat the test with three keeppower 3400mah cells (yes they do fit, already tried) to tell for sure.

Well, that’s about it for now, I shall leave you with some attemps at arty farty pictures, but I’m not foy or johhny mac or the, and my mobile is no $200 camera either…

First we have a size comparison, from left to right:-

Fancy flashlights 18650 edc
keygos m10
trustfire t1

reflector shot

profile shot

Tail standing, despite the slightly raised button, the bulk seems to deal with it, wou want a stable level surface though, given the length vs the tailcap width.

Final thoughts, The recommended retail price of this light is $77, which i feel puts it in amongst its competitors, looking around the fit website, they have a number of interesting lights, some are admittedly clones or to be more accurate, the hosts have been “sourced” some including their range of dive lights are interesting in their own right. I was especially interested in the selection of lights listed as using 18650/3aaa.
I feel that the manfacture of this light at least is really up to the task, i regret it is not a 26650 sized light as it would be as perfect as a standard light could be, but it is what it is, well made, well specc’d, cell unfussy and i would not be disappointed had I aid out and waited patiently for this to arrive. The chargers need changing, and i feel 2400mah cells are really behind the cutting edge. but the light itself would be a valued addition to anyones collection. I intend to suggest the brand to fasttech as i feel fasttech would do well with the brand, and they may be able to move it for a little less than rrp. That tough is between fit and fasttech, pending further tests……

the end.



Good review gords, looks like a well made light. Would be an easy sell for me with 26650 support.

I wonder how much that light is without the accessories, just the light?

I agree, that head set up cries out for 26650’s, it wouldn’t be too hard to do either, requiring only a 3*26650 tube, New tube coupling and tailcap. The head need not be touched.

Edit, I’ll find out if the $77 is light only or full set. If its for the full set its a steal as I don’t think the cells are all that bad, I’m going to try them in my m10, see if I can trip the protection or not. They’d be fine in an edc though.

Nice review on a nice light, Gords!

oh come on gords… you can’t do review without taking outdoor beamshots…not even on the wall shot comparison with other lights? :_(

nice review!

somehow that light looks more like a weapon to me than most of its competitors. maybe 26650 support would alleviate that a little :slight_smile:

Excellent in-depth review gords. I’m really liking this light but as others have said, this type of monster really needs 26650’s

Looking forward to the hammering the crap out of the dark beamshots :smiley:

Thanks for a great review Gords! Can't believe you did all that from a phone! (You did, right? I'm talking typing all the text and inserting photos.) I agree though, beamshots are needed!


With or without light on, this is just a gorgeous 7 LED reflector . . .

. . . yes on the 26650s . . . also, would love to see some beam shots.

I’m going to try and get some beam shots, along side some other lights, try to bare in mind I only have my phone camera and haven’t figured out the best settings to show what I see. Plus its not stopped hammering it down since I got the light. It is pretty throwy, through pure brute force.

Gary, sorry pal, I fired up the pc for this one, didn’t fancy trying to do it all on my phone.

If it makes anyone feel any better, all the temmp shots are using only the fit-40s as a light source.

How hard did you need to convince Mrs. Gords that this one didn't cost anything ?

Nice review, BTW. Looks like a solid bit of kit.

Price confirmed rrp light only, $77.

I showed her the original thread, with all the links, it must be true….its on the internet. 0:)

I could ask what the possibilities are on a forum group buy? Ie if enough commit to buy, could they consider a forum buy as one shipment to many addresses? I also need to get onto fasttech today, see if they would consider carrying the range as there are a few others I’m interested in.

Can you do some outdoor beam shots? If only I didn’t have J12. I’d buy this. Wish someone can compare this to the J18, x100 or keygos x7.

I’m going to work on beam shots, hopefully tie with don kidik as he has a few tripples.

i still dont get it, if each led pulls only about 400ma thats a waste of everything. u’d be better off with a srk or something, approximately same output but only 3 leds. but it guess that’s because there’s bad heat dissipation or bad driver or both together…