Review: Hypetac P1A SS (1x AAA)

Just a minor status update - I have grown so fond of that little bugger that I almost feel naked when I leave the house without it.

The pocket clip is doing a great job since I bent it to increase the tension, and the light it is perfectly reliable with the diy washer mod.

You have to carry it clipped to a pocket though, I had it in a jacket pocket a few times and it managed to turn on and drain a battery once.


I know that this is a really old review thread, but I just got one of these from, and at least initially, I’m finding it very nice. I have several AAA twisties, including a ITP A3 EOS (upgraded) and an Illumina Ti, which are much smaller, but I really like having a clicky switch on a AAA light, which is what this HypeTac has.

Also, I like that it turns on in medium mode instead of high or low. A good compromise IMO.

Besides the clicky, the stainless steel light really “caught my eye”. It’s actually pretty nice aesthetically, and not just a plain shiny tube, but the grooves on the head and tail end give it a kind of “designer” look.

Finally, re. the clip: I don’t wear pens or lights in my shirt or pants pockets, but I ordered a lobster claw from at the same time, I put the split ring on the clip, and will wear it like that on a belt loop. I also do the same when I’m carrying the ITP and Illumina Ti (but not all at the same time :)!)…

Thanks for the review and pics.


P.S. Has anyone tried this light with a 10440 yet?

Glad you like it!

Concerning the 10440 cells, the manufacturer states that it is alkaline/NiMH only, so personally, I wouldn't try it just to be safe.
However, if you are a more daring fella than me...


This light has been out for awhile, so I was hoping that someone else had tried it :)…

In general, what would determine if it’s safe or not? Is it the # of amps that the driver is spec’ed for? Or something else?


P.S. Besides, I don’t have any 10440s yet :)…

Well first of all, the driver components must be rated for the higher voltage. If that is the case, the thermal path of the LED must be good enough to wick the additional heat away.

It's really hard to predict anything, it could be an instant driver fry, or it could work fine at first but with a reduced lifespan...

You could try and ask the manufacturer, I think they've got a contact form somewhere on

I may do that (ask mfr), but I’m always hesitant to do that, lest they say “no” :)…

“It’s easier to say you’re sorry than to ask for permission” or something like that.


In case you like coloured flashlight, the Hypetac P1A's almost identical twin brother, the Bronte RA02 is available in red and blue for $ 22 @ manafont:

There's also a 2AAA version (RA03) available for only $2 more.

Shining Beam has the 2xAAA one also ( also, in stainless, which would be domestic in the U.S.


Right! The black aluminum version seems to be sold out though.

Hi Steve,

Do you know if this’ll take 10440 batteries?


According to DX, the Bronte RA02 takes 10440 cells, but I wouldn't count on that, as the manufacturer doesn't state anything like that...