Review: Imalent DM21 XML2 Flashlight with Control Ring (lumens, runtimes, and bad jokes)

Ok folks, here is my review of the new Imalent DM21. I have been talking with Imalent and another reviewer about the light and it seems Imalent is going to make changes to the final production model. Anyway, so there was a lot of interest about this light. It’s a USB rechargeable light with a variable control ring, that allows you to dial in a pretty exact brightness. I have owned a RRT01, a Sunwayman V11R, and a RRT21- and have lost 2 of those lights. Oh well.

The version I reviewed here has a holster that quadruples as a battery charger, a power bank for USB based devices, battery holder, and flashlight holster. About the only thing I like to carry on my belt is a Leatherman, so I’d probably just opt for the basic light. Anyway, so how does it all stack up? Is it a light for you?

In this review I have tested runtimes, measured output levels, and did a beamshot comparison with other lights, including the new Manker A6.

Just to expand on my opening comments a bit further… I had been talking to another reviewer about this light and it prompted me (and him) to contact Imalent about a few design issues with the light. They agreed to lower the output to 20 lumens, make the on/off switch a bit less sensitive, and include a nylon holster standard in this package in case you don’t want the deluxe holster.

Some of the other reviewers may be getting an updated sample, but they never said they’d send me one. So watch this review, and then watch the upcoming reviews to see how they differ. Thanks everyone! Here it is.

Thanks for another orsm review. For a light that has nearly all the bells and whistles l'll wait for the mobile phone version so the phone is permanently plugged in.

I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but rumor has it, the revised version has wifi and snap chat.

I can only view your video when i’m on my office where the WIFI is free

what a riot! I so appreciate these! Loved the reiterate/iterate comment. And of course we got another pet sighting in this one. Always look forward to the great endings. Thanks! Maybe start charging admission?

Mahan length my satellite speed is slowed down untill the 6t it’s killing me to see it!

I really enjoyed the review. This is the second video review of yours I’ve looked thorugh and found both very informative and really well produced.

Thanks for posting.

great review!

nearly everything covered i have to say and you made better pictures also…

I’m trying. My video has gotten better, although I don’t know if many notice it. I have purchased newer lenses, that are faster- although I still need a really wide fast one for the beamshot section- because the one I’m using there isn’t that sharp, although it’s fast (12mm, 1.2f). And an affordable fast lens is hard to come buy on the Micro 4/3 mount.

I’ve started adding lumen measurements and dimensions/weight to the reviews, so hopefully they are more informative than they used to be. This is my second review using lumen measurements.

I used to have Satellite internet and hated it. They throttle it and limit what you use. I remember that I wasn’t able to use YouTube that much- which I hated. The FAP is a bunch of BS.

Grover has made another appearance. My next one will also have him in the video too. I was dogsitting him the week I shot most of the video for this and the Xtar Warboy review.

Hope you like it!

liked the Ganzo724 review you did I ordered one from gearbest with the discount code you posted and your meteor video helped me figure out the ui ony modded Vinh with xpl s I was totally lost untill I watched your video great job on them I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to watch the video lol .

Did you get it in the mail yet (724)? The stuff they send me to review always comes lightning fast- if I buy something though, who knows if it shows up?

been waiting over 31/2 weeks and my son ordered a o light AA usb charged light 3 weeks ago amd nothing g
yet and of course no tracking number because we went the least expensive way ,I am thinking maybe we’ll stick with fasstech for a while longer? …

I’m with ya. I don’t like recommending places where stuff doesn’t show up in a reasonable amount of time. Unless it’s a group buy that specifically has to come from there, I’ll take my chump change elsewhere.

Great review, and what a holster! Had to watch it twice to take it all in. :slight_smile:

What a holster, is right. Twice? That’s good to hear… I know it’s a 10 minute flashlight video, but I want it to feel like it’s a short 10 minutes.

I got to see the video once the speed picked up,super job ecspicially the runtime video and I really like the holster/charger that is super slick!

Thanks man! Yeah the holster is a beast!

Did you notice any visible PWM?

Also, about the UI - can you change the brightness while it’s off? Let’s say you use lowest mode, turn it off, turn the brigthness wheel all the way up, turn it on. Will it be low or high?

got the new version today

due to a cold i do not want to stay long in the mancave…
might take a bit to complete my review.

No visible PWM. PWM that’s bothersome, like lower frequency PWM is usually picked up by my camera. I did not see any or have to adjust my camera to compensate for any. Sometimes I forget to mention if it doesn’t have any in my review, but will always note if it does. If you’d like to see how my cameras detect PWM check out my Skilhunt HO2C review- specifically the mode level section. Unless you compensate by adjusting your shutter speed or shutter angle that is what it looks like on camera. So now when you watch other video reviews you can look for it.

As far as the UI goes… Here’s a short answer. You can turn it off on low, turn the dial to high and it will be on high when you turn it on next. I guess you could say it has mode memory.