Review: JetBeam RRT-3 XML

Here's a brief review on RRT-3 (sorry, i am not good in composing a review)

It is a solid and heavy piece of flashlight. you can feel the weight even without the batteries in it. It has a deep reflector (compare to other 3leds flashlights such as TM11/3T6) which makes it a very good thrower.

Powered by 3*18650 (can be used either with top or flat button battery).The battery holder is similar to Sunwayman V60C's holder but slightly taller than V60C's.

This RRT-3 has a tailcap on/off button which has on momentarily mode. The rest of the mode is operated from its magnetic ring. The ring has a total of 8 stages mode selector, 1st - 7th stages are low - turbo modes, whereas the 8th mode is a strobe mode.

RRT3 left, V60C right

Thanks, harry25175 for the post. See that u got the new niteye. Interesting light. Mind sharing your views on the comparisons between niteye and tm11.maybe in terms of brightness and build quality.

Good review. That's a nice light.

NITEYE is brighter than RRT-3

Good review! Very jealous of you’re collection :open_mouth:

Thanks for the review. It's one heck of a flashlight. Whats the hole on the back? Coolant intake?

Just love the emitter/reflector positioning.

Then I got to find out more on the NITEYE.having second thoughts on TM11 now

"the hole" is to plug in the wired button.

Niteye is definitely bigger size than TM11. i will post pictures review of NITEYE EYE30 soon...

Wow, there's some serious cash in that collection!

My most expensive light is the Sunwayman V60C from DD. I am very impressed with it's output and man, does that sucker throw! Looks like the others you have are quite nice as well.

check this out.. i just posted a review on EYE30

Thanks for your photos, nice size comparison.

This is definately a good 3LEDs thrower.

It lacks of standby mode. Very nice to hold, you can feel the weight and the quality.

Very nice! Interesting to compare this one with the cheaper budget alternatives. Thanks a lot for the pics! Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.


That is some seriously lovely lights! Not to mention the pictures - they look marvellous.

Pure pron!

harry25175, you have an impressive collection. Which one is your favorite and why?

the most fav is my niteye eye-30 with stainless steel ring

harry25175, which of the four 3 xml lights is your favorite and why?