Review: Lumintop EDC05C (sample)

The Alli Express ad also says built in battery.

Yes, this is the "official" Lumintop store on Ali, says it's included. I was under the understanding the review samples didn't include it, while in production, it would be included.

It’s too long, the FW3A gets an 18650 in a shorter length.

Why compare an FW3A to an EDC05C?

Two completely different kinds of lights.

You must be thinking of the EDC05.

After seeing the pleasant color of the side LED’s I no longer like cool white LED’s. I think for now on I’m going to only purchase lights in the 4500k - 3300k spectrum. I know the output is usually higher on the CW’s, but colors registers so much better with the warmer light. Are there still a lot out there that like the cool whites?

Good news. The price seemed a bit expensive if no cells were included. Makes more sense now.

I’ve been out of the game for a little while and I’m trying to get back up to speed on the flashlight/battery tech. Based on what it says in the product description, “Built-in 3.7V/750mAh 14500 Li-ion battery with anti-reverse, overcharge and over discharge protection” is it safe to use this light with an unprotected 14500? Appreciate everyone’s help. The Gold VapCell seems to have the most capacity right now, so that’s what I’m thinking about if it can use an unprotected battery.

Do any sellers actually have this in stock?

no this light seems to have been made in a very small limited edition… dont get it … ?

It’s a shame they didn’t make more.

Despite the low output, cool white tint on the main emitter and inability to change the battery in the field, I quite like my EDC05C. It feels great in the hand and the side light is quite useful.

Okay, thanks.

It's a unique functional EDC light for sure - and love the compact size.

Interesting little light but I have to ask….: why the xhp35 when you can push it very hard and only getting under 500 lumens from it. there are plenty of lights with xpl emitters reaching 800 lumens in this size form……???

It sucks that I still have about a month to wait for the two that I ordered nearly a month ago.

Patience may be a virtue, but it’s not always easy.

The output is not the reason for sure. With a 12V LED though, the voltage matches up well with the side LEDs in series, and you can use the same boost circuitry to handle both. With a boost driver, the theory is better efficiency and better regulation than what you can do with a single LED and single cell. Basically the lower % of max you drive a LED, the more efficient it is in terms of lumens/watt, and using the XHP35 HI version that this light does, you get more throw - similar to an XPL HI. I'm sure the boost driver boosts the price as well, so explains why the cost of this light is relatively high.

To get the best consistent regulation from a single 3V LED and single cell, you really need buck/boost - buck for when the cell is fully charged, boost when the cell drains. With this light, boost only is needed. Only other reason besides the advantages of a boost driver would be marketing hype I would think.

I wish it was a little bit longer so I can be confident that common 14500s fit

button tops dont fit?

Did you read and see the pics about the 10 or so unique 14500 cells I tested in the OP?

Yeah, this is really a nice light!! I pretty much agree with everything you say except “the inability to change the battery in the field”.

While the tailcap is not typical, I have no trouble changing batteries anywhere I am or need to. Almost anything can be use to fit in the nail nick & open the tailcap. Keys, knife, a dime, etc., etc.

This is just a cool & handy little light. :+1:

@ varbos & mortuus … I too have tried several brand 14500’s. They have all fit just fine. I did not try any protected cells. Varbos… not sure where you got your info that button top 14500’s would not fit?

They fit just fine. :+1:

Yes, you tested 10 and 5 did not fit properly or at all. Including the KeePower 840 - one of few 14500 cells available on Banggod.

The end cap sticking up like that is really not acceptable for me, or most people. Plus I would be worried about crushed driver.

Your review convinced me not to buy it, thanks :+1: