[Review] Lumintop IYP07

Lumintop IYP07

A word of introduction on the review itself: Apparently you can't please everyone. Some prefer short ones, others medium ones, others long ones. I will try to please everyone and make a 3 in 1 review. At the end there will be a summary for those who like only particulars, in each topic I will color the key sentences for those who read a little more, and a long waffling for everyone else. Enjoy!

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I got the flashlight for review from Lumintop, thanks!
I just got a promotional code for you, I'll leave it here ...

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Table of Contents:

- Package content
- Is it worth paying so much? Or maybe something for $1..?
- Appearance, parameters
- UI, runtime
- Water resistance
- Light pattern, tint
- Usage and my experience.
- Gallery
- Summary

Package content

Cardboard box - company, drawing of a flashlight, name on the back and some information. Beautiful in its simplicity, I like it very much. Minimalism and simplicity, environmentally friendly packaging. Plus on start.

Inside is our flashlight, and:
- rubber diffuser
- user manual
- spare o-rings, which I did not include in the photo, but they are there. Btw I think Lumintop adds this spare o-rings to everything. I have the impression that if I bought a set of O-rings from them, I would get spare O-rings for free.

In this case, the o-rings are a nice addition that will probably come in handy, assuming frequent use of the flashlight, relatively short operating times and frequent battery replacement, the o-rings can quickly wear out without guaranteeing full waterproofness.

Is it worth paying so much? Or maybe something for $1..?

I asked myself this question many times ... Is something $1 really that bad? Do I need Nichia 219C 90+ CRI, with AR lens? There was only one way to find out!
Ladies and gentlemen, I present a no name flashlight for $1, equipped with 7 diodes! The manufacturer decided on a rather extravagant step, no lens and plastic reflector,

powered by three LR44 - all to minimize weight.

We will take a few more tests and will see. (Direct answer right before the gallery)

Appearance, parameters

Length 81.5mm, diameter 14.5mm, weight with 30g battery. Powered by AAA or Ni-MH battery, my version with Nichia 219C

The one for $1 is even two times lighter.

Description from left to right:
- A rubber diffuser that glows green when exposed

In my opinion, this is a key gadget that makes the flashlight very useful. Rubber, so you do not have to be afraid that it will break, hold well and did not fall even as I waved the flashlight to throw it off. Later about using

- Head is equipped with AR coated lens, green GITD o-ring and an OP reflector. Oh, and a diode. Yes, there was a diode. Oh, and then the driver.
Flashlight can also be turned on by turning the head. I don't use it.

I was surprised by AR coatings, and the manufacturer does not mention anything in the description.
O-ring could shine better, I have a different lantern from Lumintop (left) in which it shines better.

But it doesn't matter. The perfectionist's life is hard.

- Battery, in my case Varta for about $0,3 per item. In runtime tests about whether it is worth buying more expensive one or buying the cheapest Eco +

- Body with O-ring and gold-plated stainless steel ring. Adds classes. But what I like the most are the threads. They are very well fitted, they run very smoothly and ... I don't even know how to explain it to you, but I enjoyed twisting and unscrewing it. The doctor said it was normal and not to worry.

- Stainless steel clip, removable.

Cap with metal reverse switch, with ablity to stand on it as a candlelight.

UI, runtime

hi - med - low, mode memory.

1lm does not give so much light, but you can, for example, look for something in a tent or in a car storage or cabinet, and even read something
25lm is comfortable reading and lighting the road in front of you
80lm will be useful when we just need more light, with the diffuser will illuminate the entire room


Let's check how our crap for $1 shines. It has only one mode with a brightness comparable to the tested Lumintop on the mid 25lm mode.

After 22 minutes, the brightness fell to half. After 1.5 hours, it fell to a very low value. It is true that after many hours it still shone, but very dark, about 1lm.

And now Lumintop. Tests Carried out on a Varta AAA alkaline battery, ~ 1000mAh. About $0,3 per item. I also tested a twice as cheap battery. Are you wondering if it is worth paying extra? Here are the results:

Med mode, Varta battery

For me, it seems to have great stabilization, about 5 hours with constant brightness is more than expected.

Med mode, cheap battery

About 3 hours of lighting, we lose a lot when buying something cheap.

Hi mode, Varta battery

I don't know what it is. It looks like a sad story of someone's life.

He is motivated, climbing up reaching his next goals and going to the top. He gives over 100%. At some point, something breaks, everything breaks down, and he falls down.

The hope is that it will be better just to slow down its fall for a moment

When it immediately dives down sharply

Deprived of all desire, he is indifferent to the world to gently sink to the bottom.

Life message from Lumintop. Here's what we get. And spare O-rings.

Hi mode, cheap batteries

Also, the more expensive battery performs better, but in both cases we did not reach the manufacturer's 30 minutes, but only 20 minutes.

Wondering if you can use Ni-MH rechargeable batteries? Me too. The issue is not whether you can (because you can) but whether left in the flashlight on will not discharge too much and will not be damaged. Immediately after removing them from the flashlight, my batteries were about 0.6-0.7V. I suppose it's too low for Ni-MH. But for reasonable use, of course you can.

There are three modes available, but for me they are two modes + the highest for a momentary glow. It is clearly seen that this flashlight was not created to be used for a long time at the highest brightness and it is such a "turbo".


In the lowest mode I didn't notice any


According to the manufacturer IP68, so everything resistant. At least for "submerge up to 2 meters up to 30 minutes". So I threw it into the aquarium for 2 hours.

It works. It's only wet.

I also checked whether our lantern for $1 will last 2 hours in water ...

After 2 hours it was still on. Even after 5 hours underwater it was still shining. I have to admit, I'm shocked ... Although it leaked and some water was inside, it still works. From today, if anything fails this test, it is the poorest in the world.

But that wasn't enough for me. What is the test, who normally leaves his flashlight in the aquarium? Since this is a small lantern that we have with us, it is more likely that we will forget to take it out of our pants and throw it into the laundry.

Eh ... I turned on the laundry and I'm already beginning to regret it.

Ok let's do it.
30 degrees, 600 turns. See you in an hour

UFF it works!! You don't even know what a relief it is ... And a plus for a flashlight. Now it smells of detergent ...

Light pattern, tint

White balance sunlight, white ceiling. Flashlights 70 cm from the ceiling. From left to right: Lumintop IYP07 - Lumintop EDC Pico - cheap crap for $1

The black dot is the center of the beam, each line is 15 cm apart. See in focus.
Hmm ... IYP07, in fact, the light has a more natural color, not so warm, though falling into warm. EDC Pico is cold, and this crap from is blue at all.
I like the color the most, it is simply brilliant. Nichia was a great choice for a small EDC flashlight, it does not strain your eyes, neutral white with a hint of warm. No green shades or ugly edges in the beam. In combination with the diffuser, it makes a really moody atmosphere on the table.

Even in emergency use on forest path will work, med - hi mode. Although I do not recommend walking with hi, the battery runs out quickly.

Usage and my experience
(and why add something decent instead of buying the cheapest)

I always try to find practical application. I still believe that you buy flashlights because you need them, not because they are nice ... and new on the market ... and you haven't had one yet ... right?

And so:
For sure this EDC flashlight will be helpful in many situations and it is always worth having it in a backpack, car or take it on every journey.
But for example:
Do you want to shine when opening the door or going up the stairs?

med - hi mode

Do you want to fix something in an emergency situation?

It's worth having it at hand. And if you need two hands, you can hang it somewhere on the clip or even on your collar.

Do you have a bad mood and want to devour whole 1kg box of ice cream, listening to sad songs? Do it with Lumintop.

You invited your sweetheart for a romantic home-cooked meal

and suddenly the light goes out? Use this little lantern, with a diffuser will create a moody atmosphere

and help you get closer.

You can even use this ... this ... I don't know what it's called, but you can use it. Experiment, go ahead. Your chosen one will definitely love it.

You can also throw the flashlight carelessly on the table. You rebel.

I tried to use candles, but see yourself.

It doesn't make any sense at all, you can't even see what you cooked her up, and besides, I had to give two because it was too dark. Candles are no longer romantic.

Do you want to break in your neighbor's basement? No problem, with Lumintop you can do it quickly and with a style.

Do you want to find something in your car and the top light does not work? It's not a problem since you have a Lumintop flashlight.

Do you get out of the car and accidentally drop a brick?

Which falls under the car?

Thanks to this flashlight you will find it easily!

Do you need to find something in the trunk?

Take this little wonder with you.

I will be honest with you. "18 XHP70.2" or "with us you will light the moon" are toys. Expensive toys for big boys. Nobody normal will take it on a trip, to the mountains or for a walk in the evening. It is big, bulky and heavy. Rather, it's fun. Ok, cool to have such power in hand, but nothing more. Lumintop IYP07 as an EDC flashlight captivated me with its small size, solid performance and relatively high power. I didn't have a small EDC light so far...only couple from local shop for $2, the batteries were running out and the button had to be pressed harder every day to make it shine. Lumintop is a completely different class. It won't be in my cabinet, I will definitely take it wherever "I don't need any flashlight".
The manufacturer offers 30 days for free replacement and up to 5 years for free repair, besides lifetime paid repair, but we pay for the parts only. The warranty does not cover natural wear or accidental damage. It is known that no one will benefit from it, but a 5-year warranty is a kind of indicator of quality.

Flashlight for $1 ... works. It has an ugly narrow blue beam, expensive batteries with low capacity, poor thread quality, leaks under water, shines dark and short, and you never know if it will break in a month. It is ugly and plastic, I am ashamed to show it and it hurts when I look at it. But it shines Therefore, if you do not care about quality and you use the flashlight mainly to take up space in the drawer (when you use it for a while) buy it. I used to have a similar one to Lumintop, only for 10 zlotys and I used it often, after half a year it fell and it was bad that you wanted to cry. When I was sad, I pulled her out to finish off. When I used it accidentally, people would come over and slap my shoulder and say it would be okay.



With the flashlight we get a rubber diffuser, instruction manual and spare O-rings. The flashlight alone with the AAA battery weighs 30g and is light enough to take it anywhere, and the IP68 standard guarantees resistance to splashing, flooding or sanding. Up to 5 hours of lighting in medium mode is even more than expected by the manufacturer, and there is enough light for most EDC situations. Unfortunately, hi mode is only 15 minutes at high brightness. I liked the simple and elegant packaging made of gray cardboard, a good idea for a gift. Minimalism of the packaging hiding the strength and potential of the flashlight.

- IP68
- machine washable
- Nichia 219C diode with a pleasant color
- clip, diffuser
- low weight and dimensions
- o-rings

- no Li-Ion power supply
- no low voltage protection using Ni-MH
- short hi mode, brightness drops quickly

Rating: 8/10

Hope you enjoyed. Till next time!

Great review! Alot of useful information. Like the comparison with the cheapo flashlight. I wonder why all those cheap flashlights are always very angry blue.

That was great, first review that ever made me laugh multiple times :+1: