Review: Lumintop Terminator TD15S Tactical/Military Weapon Light

Lumintop Terminator TD15S Tactical/Military Weapon Light
*Provided for review courtesy of Lumintop

Manufacturer's Copy

Manufacturer's Specifications

Model High Medium Low Strobe
Output 610LM 130LM 15LM 610LM
Runtime 1.5H 5H 60H 3H
Beam Distance: 231m
Impact Resistant: 2m
Waterproof: IPX-8
Weight: 5.3 ounces (150g)
Length: 5.83 inches (148mm)
Bezel Diameter: 1.50 inches (38mm)
Body Diameter: 1 inches (25.4mm)
Battery Type: 2 x CR123A / 1 x 18650
Retail Price: $98 for basic kit (light, holster and lanyard)
$118 for full weapons kit (basic plus remote switch, mount, and green filter)

Manufacturer's Description

Military Flashlight Dual Switch TD15S
Lumintop TD15S is a variable-output flashlight that provides four modes of light output. It uses a super bright CREE XM-L U2 LED and a precision reflector to produce a consistently smooth beam at any level. By loosening and tightening the head to switch between four output levels - lowest for longest runtime at 15 lumens, highest for maximum light at 610 lumens, and strobe for tactical. Its pushbutton tail cap click switch provides secure, ergonomic activation control: press for momentary-on, click for constant-on. The TD15S's crenellated strike bezel and scalloped tailcap provide further defensive options should the need arise.


1. 99% high-transparency tempered glass with anti-reflective coating.

2. Stainless steel crenelated Strike Bezel.

3. Aerospace aluminum body. Mil-Spec hard-anodized. O-ring Sealed.

4. Superb heat release system provides excellent heat transport capacity.

5. High ductility steel clip provides multiple carry options.

6. Combat Ring with anti-rolling design.

7. Tactical tailcap switch, press for momentary-on, click for constant-on.


1.Tactical tailcap switch press for momentary-on, click for constant-on.

2.Tail side switch click for changing modes.

Real World Impression

Now that We've seen Lumintop's copy and claims, how well does it live up to it? Pretty accurately, in fact, I think they under sell things a bit. None of the promo photos or copy even mention all that is included in the amazingly complete and impressive kit they've put together for the TD15S. What kind of stuff? How about a most impressive green filter for night hunting, a variety of gun mounts, a remote pressure switch with two switch modes, and a removable and reversible pocket clip. It's a hell of a kit they put together here and until you purchase and receive it you have no idea all you are getting for the money. All you need is a good battery and a charger (or some off the shelf primaries) and you have a great, well built weapon light with all you need no matter what you are mounting it on.


  • High quality design and construction.
  • Wonderful, smooth, fine square threading.
  • Narrow, focused center beam and spill especially for it's size.
  • Smooth reflector but butter smooth spill.
  • Offset weapon mount included. Mount model number is TM16 and also available separately.
  • Remote switch with separate full and momentary buttons.
  • Ultra clear lens with great AR coating.
  • Green lens filter (far more than just a green lens)
  • Heavy lanyard with lobster claw.
  • Excellent thermal transfer to ample finning.
  • Tactical forward clicky tail switch with very good feel.
  • Zero PWM in any mode
  • Hidden but easily access strobe that is truly nauseating (in other words - AWESOME)
  • Strobe can be accessed instantly when light is off.
  • Clean, smooth yet aggressive knurling.
  • Typical clean laser etching I expect from Lumintop
  • Clear, easy to follow User Manual in English
  • Excellent packaging.
  • Retail price of full kit is just $118 USD. Price for light with just holster and lanyard is $98 USD


  • Really needs a small strip of 3M super tape to be included to fasten the switch to a weapon.
  • Can be tough to locate electronic mode side-switch quickly by feel.

As you can see from my pros & cons list, there isn't a whole lot I can find to NOT like about the TD15S. The cons are really minimal and a bit picky. Let's have a closer look to find out why.

My sample light arrived in a very sturdy, thick cardboard box.

Inside the box is a dense foam insert with cutout pockets for the TD15S and accessories.

A look at all the included goodies layed out (minus the User Manual). Who'da thunk all this stuff came with the modestly advertised light??

Let's have a close look at all that comes along with the light. Most of it is surprisingly not advertised anywhere on their site. *gasp!*

First of note is the superior green filter that turns the TD15S into the perfect hunting light for night stalking. Taking it out of the box I was unsure exactly what it was for. The special coating on both sides is like looking into a mirror. If anything it looked like a purple/violet filter to me. It wasn't until I held it up to a light source and looked through it that I noticed it was a green filter (see the pic above). The lens resides in a hard rubber cap that fits snugly over the head of the TD15S. The green light it projects with the filter applied is brilliant and very well focused with an even more focused hot spot than the light already boasts.

You can see in the pics below how coated this filter is.

Next up is the sturdy, well made holster. It fits very well and is a touch on the loose side, rather than tight, which makes it easier to remove and replace the light one handed. All stitching is well executed and strong.

I took the next two pics outside while photographing the close up shots. In broad daylight the hotspot is small, well focused, and easy to see. The ceiling shot is from about 8-10 feet distance and the floor shot is from about 4-5 feet distance.

THe User Manual is all English and easy to read and follow minus a couple of spelling errors.

A really nice extra value with this great kit is the included weapon mount. Included is the offset Picatinny/Weaver mount. The other two mounts were sent along by my contact at Lumintop just to try out and play with. Fortunately the offset mount (far right below and shown in the pics of the light mounted) is my favorite of the three mounts tested. Also included is an allen key for securing the hex cap bolts used on the mount.

Also included but not mentioned by Lumintop is a very nice remote switch with really nice quality dual control remote switch pad. The switch pad has a small button for constant On/Off (high mode only) and a long button for momentary that can easily be activated with any of the fingers on the grip. Threading on the remote switch cap is a bit short but it fits well and works perfectly.

One thing I mentioned to my contact at Lumintop is that they should include a strip of 3M double-sided super tape for mounting the switch to a weapon grip.

That's it for the extra bits except for the usual lanyard, spare O-rings, and tail switch boot. Let's move onto the light itself now.

The bezel of the TD15S is stainless steel and is very well machined and finished with no sharp edges or corners anywhere on it. It still has enough bite left on it to act as a defense bezel.

The lens is made of ultra-clear hardened glass and is AR coated. Lumintop claims 99% light transmittance and I have little reason to doubt it's that or damned close. If not for my fat thumb print on the lens and the great AR coating it would be all but invisible.

Really nice parallel grooving around the circumference of the head behind the bezel look great and aid in gripping the head of the light when disassembling it. The ample fins surrounding the pill work perfectly with the internal sinking to wick heat to the outside pretty quickly but wick so well that the light gets hot but not hot enough make it too hot to hold. Heat levels out nicely and sheds well. It does help that this is not a super high-output light and therefore doesn't get ungodly hot.

The flats machined into the finning of the head help it to not roll away if laid on a slight incline.

There are two flats machined into the battery tube. One has the Lumintop logo and the other has the model number of the light. Laser etching on both is deep, cleanly etched, even and white.

You can see how deep and clean the knurling is on the TD15S. It provides good grip without being overly aggressive. I believe this is because the face of the facets is smooth. I do prefer a slightly more aggressive knurling like used on ThruNite models but the knurling on this light is still very nice.

The mode switch is an electronic switch mounted on the side of the tail cap. It's not a convenient spot for a mode switch in a standard flashlight hold but for a tactical light it's perfect. I used to hate these tail mounted side-switches but have come around to appreciate that they serve a functionally perfect role in the application they are designed for which is, obviously, the tactical hold.

A crenelated stainless steel bezel is on the tail cap. Allow for solid tail standing and doubles as a glass breaker. Like the front bezel all edges are smooth with no sharp edges. The lanyard hole is chamfered lightly on both sides so it doesn't wear on a lanyard too quickly.

Aggressive texture on the main forward clicky switch boot allows easy and secure pressing. Feel is very nice with solid switch feel and no squishiness.

Included is a removable pocket clip that mounts on either end of the battery tube for head up or head down carry. Tail down is the more likely option to be used as head up the clip is in the middle of the light at best. It's an option at least and options are nice.

With the head and tail cap removed we can see that both anode and cathode contacts are spring loaded for shock protection. This is necessary for use as a reliable weapon light. The cathode contact on the remote switch cap is a spring just like that used for the anode contact. Clean, smooth square threading on the head is unanodized for maximum conductivity. Threads were very lighty lubricated and I suspect it to be a silicon "oil", not the usual nyogel type stuff.

Threading on either end of the battery tube is super smooth and lightly lubricated. A thick, proper fitting O-ring seals against water entry.

Tail threads are anodized and allow for a slight twist of the tail cap to mechanically lockout power to eliminate parasitic drain caused by the electronic switch circuitry.

A large brass plunger for the cathode (-) contact ensures solid connection to the battery. The battery tube itself is long enough that any currently available 18650 cell will easily fit in this light. 70mm cells fit easily and likely even longer will work.


The TD15S has a very simple UI. The main tail switch is the On/Off switch. It is a forward-clicky momentary switch designed for tactical use.

Momentary On:

  • Half-press the tail switch
  • Momentary output depends on which mode the light was on last.

Turn On/Off:

  • Fully depress the tail switch (click) to turn the light on.
  • To turn off fully depress the switch (click).
  • Mode memory ensures that the light will start in the mode last used.

Changing Modes:

  • With the light on, a click of the electronic side switch in the tail cap will cycle through the modes in order from Low to Medium to High then back to Low.
  • The light will always start in the last mode used.

Strobe Mode:

  • From Off: Simply press and hold the mode switch. Strobe will be active until you release the switch.
  • From On: Press and hold the mode switch for one second to engage the strobe. Click the mode switch a second time to return to the previous main mode used.

All in all it's an extremely easy and intuitive UI.


Time to look at the TD15S in it's designed role as a weapon mounted light.

I have used the included offset mount to secure the TD15S to the front of my UTAS UTS15 pump action shotty. It actually looks pretty good on there and functions perfectly. From my experience, racking a 12 gauge pump action shotgun is far more stressful on a mounted light or laser than actually shooting is. Lights I've used when mounted can perform perfectly when the weapon is fired but will flicker or change modes when the chamber is reloaded and slide is racked. I wasn't able to do any actual firing with the TD15S mounted but it exhibited no issues for me when cycling the chamber which is where issues will show in my experience.

To secure the grip switch momentarily I used Zip ties but if I was permanently mounting it I would use a strip of 3M super tape. The round button on the pressure switch turns the light on and of. The rectangular button with the logo is the momentary switch. Both have quality feel and work flawlessly.

The included offset mount attaches to the Picatinny rail with no tools needed thanks to the large thumb nut. It attaches securely and aims the light perfectly straight ahead.


OTF Lumens and Throw

All of my measured OTF specs have been taken on my calibrated 16" Integrated Sphere (IS) to ANSI standard of 30 seconds. Lux and throw are measured at 8.9 meters and converted back to 1 meter. Throw distance is calculated based on lux and reflect distance to the point of 0.25 lux ANSI standard.

My initial impressions on the throw of the light were confirmed when I measured the output and found that my sample exceeded the claimed distance of just 268 meters by 25 meters (293.2m). While my testing came up shy of Lumintop's claim of 750 lumens, my results of 682 are close enough that it could chalked up to a variation in LED tolerances from Cree especially if they cherry picked their max output from a few different samples and chose the best for their claims. While not the brightest light on the market in it's class it's still a bright light and gets hot but not too hot to the point where you can't leave it on high for an extended time. I think it's a fair compromise in output and runtime. I definitely think it could safely handle even more output by the drop of only 19 lumens from initial turn on to 30 seconds being on. I see far more drop in output from most other lights and it's a fantastic indicator of how well designed and capable the heat sinking is on the light.

The narrow beam angle and spill makes it a great weapon light, especially when mounted on a shotgun. At close to medium range just point the hotspot on whatever you wish to hit and pull the bang switch.

My rough measurements show about a 12 degree center beam and 64 degrees of spill. Really impressive IMO for such a relatively small head and not really that deep a reflector. The spill is butter smooth and has a nice defined edge. The hotspot is pretty tight without too much corona.

As good as the beam looks normally it looks even beter with the green filter installed on the light. The center spot is super tight and bright. Also easy on the eyes at night and really easy to see in daylight too. Top quality optics on the filter.

Below is a POV shot to show roughly what it looks like to use the TD15S on the front of a shotgun. It was tough to get a proper photo alignment through the reflex sight but you can see the green reticle easily in the center of the tight hotspot. Even without the reflex sight, put the light on a target and you're good to go. I'm surprised how tight the center spot is with the XM-L2. It's what I would expect from an XP-G2 LED. Nice job, Lumintop!


To get a good idea of the TD15S compared to similar lights in it's class I took a few comparison shots.

Above and below you can see how it stacks up physically to these other lights. From left to right: Armytek Predator Pro, Convoy L4, Lumintop TD15S, ThruNite T30S, and Solarforce L2T.

In the shot below you can better see how the reflectors vary in depth. The Predator Pro has the tightest beam of all these lights thanks to it's crazy deep reflector and Cree XP-G2 emitter.

Thanks to the horrible weather in my area and the layer of snow on the ground for the last 3 months I haven't been able to take any outdoor beam shots but I will be taking a bunch and updating soon now that the snow has been melting and hopefully the last of it has fallen for this season. Good riddance!


As you can guess from reading my review the Lumintop TD15S is definitely "Mac Approved"! It's a fantastic all around tactical light and a great weapon mounted light. The included options in the full kit as reviewed are a tremendous bargain compared to buying them separately and if you are looking for a good weapon light that can double as a tactical hand-held light then you owe it to yourself to at least consider the TD15S.

My first Lumintop flashlight, the PS03, impressed me tremendously with it’s quality, output, and price point. The TD15S seems to be made to the same high standards.

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