Review: Lumintop Tool

I bought the Lumintop tool from BangGood. Here’s the purchase link and a coupon code: SH6%OFF

I dediced that I needed a thin and small clicky light that I could clip to my belt or to my belt line when I don’t want to have anything in my pockets, that’s why I bought this light.

Lumintop’s specs for the tool.

The tool comes in this simple cardboard package, that contains a plastic box.

Light, spare orings and keychain link. That’s it.

The tool looks like a full size light that has been shrinked down. It is rather small indeed.

The light is available in different versions, made out of titanium, copper and aluminium. There is a different version of this light that includes a magnetic tailcap without the clicky switch. Also, the light is available in an XP-G2 or Nichia NW emitter. I got the XP-G2 version.

Tailcap with easily accessible switch. The switch has a long run and makes a strong click sound.

There’s some knurling on the body and the head. The clip rests on the head, so to maintain the anodization I recommend to unscrew the tailcap to remove the battery. The clip is reversible, so you can attach it on a baseball hat.

In the pics above, you can see a regular sign, like a deep scratch on the head. It is present on all the way around on my sample.

The threads on the body are anodized on both sides, and the positive pole is flat.

AAA comparison, with different AAA lights stolen from my father’s collection: Thrunite Ti, AAA battery.

The user interface is simple.
There is a mechanical switch at the tailcap. Press it to turn the light on and off.
When the light is on, half press will cycle through the modes (medium, low, high, in loop), without memory.
If you want, you can use the light as a twisty light. Since the threads are anodized, just click the switch on and then use the light as a twisty.

There is a different version of this light that includes a magnetic tailcap without the clicky switch. If you replace the clicky tailcap with the magnetic one, the Tool will become a twisty light: fully tighten the head to turn the light on, and quickly untwist-twist the light to change levels (medium, low, high, in loop), without memory.

Output and runtime
Output and runtime have been tested using Amazonbasic AAA nimh battery.

Beamshot at 0.5 meters from the wall

My thoughts.
There is not much to say about this light. Apart from that scratch, the light is well built.
UI and regulation are ok. It doesn’t suck either that the pill can be removed unscrewing it and modding is easy.
Apart from that, I needed a small AAA light with a clicky switch, and I got it. For better suiting my needs, I’d like to have memory mode and the clip to rest only on the body and be much more longer (allowing deep pocket carry).

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera and the luxmeter.

Thanks for the review :slight_smile:
I like my Tools, especially the Rey versions that start in low and have a lower low.

Do you have runtime tests of other single AAA lights to compare? There are reports that the Tool is rather inefficient…

I feel that unfortunately the data I have would make the comparison useless. This is the only light that I have tested with this battery.
Changing the battery would also require to re-do both output and runtime test.
We’ll see in the future.

As far as I’m concerned, almost half an hour of good light is good enough for me, or at least, I wouldn’t expect much more.
If someone knows a light with double output and runtime for an nimh AAA battery, please tell me.