[Review] - MagicShine MOH35 - Headlamp 1000 lumen, CW+NW+Red , 4000mAH - by Lock

Hello everyone ... today we will see a brand new headlamp made by Magicshine. We will talk about the MOH35 : multiled / multirange with maximum output of 1000 lumens and powered by a built-in 21700 cell.
Here the link of the Company and here the link of the product.

Packaging and Content
The Magicshine MOH35 arrives in a beautiful and elegant cardboard box with all the main features of the product printed on it. The flashlight along with the accessories is well packed in a thick layer of packing foam. Overall the package includes:

  • Magicshine MOH35 torch
  • Micro USB-C charging cable
  • Headband to assemble
  • Accessories for the Headband
  • 4000mAh Battery Pack with non-removable 21700 battery
  • User Manual

Main features

  • Max output: 1000 lm
  • Max distance: 120m
  • Thermal throttling control
  • Versatile modes options between white, warm and red lighting.
  • Reading mode(proximity mode) produces a wider beam of dim and soft light, and can lasts for 240 hours.
  • 60 degrees of vertical rotation for a wider beam area.
  • Memory function allows you to turn the light on at the chosen brightness.
  • Removable USB-C rechargeable 21700 battery pack with superior 4000mAh capacity charging&discharging functions)
  • Battery indicator helps you to stick to the travel plan accurately.
  • Special cooling area and high quality metal head, ensuring efficient heat dissipation.
  • Large power button design allows easy operation even with gloves
  • IPX 6 waterproof rate, able to withstand in extreme weather conditions

Output Levels and Runtime
The Magicshine MOH35 has 3 different LEDs for different modes of use:

  • Main Light CREE XP-L2 V6 (spot): 5500-6500K - 1000lm Max (3 normal modes + Turbo)
  • Reading Light CREE XD-16 S2 (flood): 4300K - soft light from wide beam - 100 lm Max (3 normal modes)
  • Red Light CREE XQ-E: Emergency or night vision light - 100 lm Max (2 normal modes + SOS)

Main Light

  • Turbo: 1000 lm declared(measured 950 lm) – 2h10min
  • High: 400 lm declared(measured 380 lm) – 8h20min
  • Med: 100 lm declared(measured 100 lm) – 13h40min
  • Low: 30 lm declared(measured 25 lm) – 62h

Reading Light

  • High: 100 lm declared(measured 90 lm) – 18h30min
  • Med: 50 lm declared(measured 45 lm) – 60h
  • Low: 5 lm declared(measured 5 lm) – 240h

Red Light

  • High: 100 lm declared(measured - nd) – 10h
  • Low: 5 lm declared(measured - nd) – 230h
  • SOS: 100 lm declared(measured - nd)

User interface
The user interface is very simple

Switching On/Off
Long press on the switch to turn on the flashlight at the last stored level. With a further prolonged click the flashlight turns off

Change in brightness levels
After switching on, press the switch and continue to hold it down to go to the next level.

Mode change
With the flashlight on, a double click will allow you to switch between the main and auxiliary LEDs.

Memory Mode
When the torch is turned off the last level will be stored.

Charge indicator
The battery pack has a small status LED on the side that allows you to instantly know the residual capacity of the cell:

  • Green light: charged between 100% and 75%
  • Green flashing light: charge between 74% and 50%
  • Red light: charge between 49% and 25%
  • Red flashing light: charge between 24% and 1%

Below are the runtime graphs for the Turbo and high levels.

The Turbo of the 1000 lumen Main LED remains almost constant for about 2 minutes and then rapidly decreases to a lower level of about 600 lumens (thermal stepdown). It can also be reactivated but the duration in this case will be much shorter unless the torch is allowed to cool for a few minutes.

The body and the materials
Le Magicshine MOH35 is a headlamp powered with a 4000mAh battery pack (single 21700 non-removable battery) and equipped with 3 different LEDs useful for various scenarios: in fact we have a main Cool LED (XP-L2 V6) with a maximum power of 1000 lumens with a theoretical shot of about 120m.
A second LED defined by Magicshine as "Warm" (XD-16 S2) but which actually produces a Neutral light of about 4500K, useful for example for reading or lighting at a very close distance.
Finally, a red LED (XQ-E) for emergency situations or not to tire the eyes when you are in complete darkness.

The optical compartment consists of two TIR lenses for the Red and Cool White LEDs, and a frosted lens for the Warm LED.
The head of the Magicshine MOH35 can move from bottom to top for about 60 degrees in 6 different positions.

The head support is made of rigid plastic

The battery pack can be installed on the headband from the nape of the neck via a rigid plastic support and is connected to the flashlight via a cable ending in a jack.

A small hook allows you to fix the power cord laterally on the elastic band

The switch is made of rubber, wide, slightly protruding and easily activated even using gloves.

The elastic band is thick and soft, very comfortable.

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The MOH35, as we have seen, has 3 different LEDs. All of them produce a wide, well spread beam. Following some shots in the dark over the short distance.

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Beamshot #5

Beamshot #6

Beamshot #7

Final Considerations
The MOH35 is a complete headlamp. The most interesting aspects that I appreciated are the following:

  • Three different LEDs for different scenarios
  • Head can be tilted up to 60 °
  • Excellent Runtimes
  • Good construction materials
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Type-C charging interface

What has not convinced much is the fact that the Built-in 21700 battery not removable and replaceable if necessary. This assumes that you always carry a second backup torch with you for longer night outings. For everything else, the flashlight is well made, it is comfortable although not very light and it also seems quite reliable.

Thanks for reading...XD

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What i have noticed is that the beam profile (especially of the WW) is quite floody and does have a wide profile (which is good).
What annoys me most is that when i have tilted it downwards while walking (trying not to blind everyone) the light is so close to your forehead it lights my forehead and eyebrows which really is distracting!