thanks for the info
for some reason your Worm looks different than your Copper Tool (Im looking just at the Nichia lines). Maukkas Copper Tool looks like your Worm:

here is another brass tool, but its not Nichia… however, it shows flat regulation on eneloop. I cannot explain why maukka and will show flat regulation on their Tools, when upz does not get flat regulation, except on the worm.

hey, two reviews about the same light
cool light that is, wonder who makes them. EDIT ah Lumintop
thanks for the review!

Wow, after reading this, gotta wonder who would want one with such an awful runtime. And I’m sure it must be very pricey to boot.

Going to buy. Going to buy. Going to buy.

Must point out if I could apply some type of coating to the flashlight to keep it shiny I would like it much better.

Not sure how, but I missed this one. Would have done it in a heartbeat!

youre early, dont worry, get your money ready:

Note: The Massdrop Brass AAA Pocket Flashlight will be available for $24.99 starting 1/31/17 at 6AM PST.
At checkout, you’ll have your choice between the CREE XP-G2 R5 LED and the Nichia 219 LED.


I really don’t know what’s going on with this different performance samples. Tool AAA Cu, Al are review samples and Lumintop claims they’ve different drivers and LED bins from production units. Worm Cu and Tool Ti are production samples (ordered by myself) and actually the Worm performs better (not great, but better).

I am now reading all other reviews and I spotted this:

Clearly not the same board. Maybe that’s the reason for different performance on different samples.

Thanks you all guys for reading and leaving a comment! :beer:

Nice light, nice reveiw (one of) :smiley:

Please, explian. Not sure if I am understanding you right.

Thanks as always for an honest review!!!. As always, you are the most reliable of reviewers.

I am not sure if I will buy one, I like the light and like the interface (I have 2 tool Ti), but the performance is debatable, Lumintop can do better if they want…

To maintain the brass appearance a spray on lacquer may work, Lacquer

Thank you. :+1:

Reviews are a form of advertisment, that’s all.
I didn’t say it’s negative, because there is some great advantages for the customers.
I was an “official” Olight reviewer for about a year so I quite know how it works :slight_smile:
The brand get a free advertisement on potential customers (BLFers) and the forum get an honest review of the product.

I just find that brands are a bit aggressives sometimes when it comes to reviewing new products, I mean it’s obvious that they want o be the hype of the moment when they ask 5 different people to review/advertise the same product the same day…

To be clear though, because I did like what you’ve done : thank you for a quality review :slight_smile:

Did you not notice the price is ALREADY at $25… This is not a $50 offering… you are the second person to think that… I dont know why.

Well, I find that statement pretty offensive. Shill-posting is NOT reviewing.

Dont be offended. You are not a shill, any more or less than several other people that have reviewed their free samples. It IS a marketing tactic by Massdrop, to populate the forum with reviews. It is Social Media Advertising.

Your contributions are still valid. I particularly appreciate that you have gone the extra distance to examine performance and post your measurements. Some reviews simply re-state the specs, and reposts the stock images, and nothing more. I consider those much more shilly than your review.

imho, anyone who receives a free sample, is vulnerable to the accusation that they are shilling, and I would say that they are at the very least being used to promote a product. Not with bad intentions, nor deception… just a Social Media Marketing strategy by the Vendors.

It’s smart marketing on the part of the store or manufacturer. Give a light to a known flashaholic, let him express what it does, doesn’t do, and how easy it is (or isn’t) to mod… builds interest and desire amongst the community and their sales go up. Pretty old concept of course.

A “free” sample is the bit that is confusing. They give me a $25 light and I spend 3 days doing a review, so I’ve spent hundreds of dollars of man hours and bandwidth to show y’all what I’ve got, hardly free, the reviewer gives a lot of time and effort to the community.

Well said Dale! A review takes a lot of time, specially for those who processes their images one by one after being taken from the camera. None of the stuff I receive to review is worth more than the time I spend to review it, I do it because this is part of the hobby, and I love testing out stuff.

Yep. I agree. The amount of time and effort doing a review? For what most lights cost, it’s less than a few dollars an hour, if that. There are better ways to make money etc. The reviews are done for the good of the community and as a hobby. A free light is just a little carrot for fun. It encourages a review but doesn’t shape it (unlike old Amazon reviews).