[Review] Miboxer C4-12 Fast Charger

The flashlight was provided directly from Miboxer for review.
Here's the product's page: Miboxer C4-12

Starting from the packaging, the charger comes in a nice cardboard box.

The charger itself is firmly seated inside the box.
In order to protect the LCD screen from scratches, a plastic film is installed over it.

The contents of the box are the bare essentials to get you started.
In total, you get the charger, a power brick and a detailed user manual.

The design of the charger is minimal.
It accepts up to 4 cells and is utilizing a spring loaded negative terminal mechanism.

The back side of the charger houses the air vent hole as well as four anti-slip pads.
Speaking of the air vent, it's worth noting that the operation of the charger is very quiet.
The fan doesn't turn on unless the system detects a raised body or cell temperature.

The back side also has a small table that lists the supported cell types.
As seen, the charger supports pretty much all of the common sized Ni-MH and Li-Ion cells.

The top of the charger houses the 12V input port and a USB output port.
The USB port is utilized once the charger is turned into a powerbank - We will see more about it down the review.

The LCD display is quite bright and provides a whole lot of information once a cell is inserted in the charging slot.
The backlight will dim out after about a minute of the charger being inactive.

The picture below demonstrates the charging of four different cells: 26650, 18650, 14500 and AAA.
As seen, the spring loaded terminal system can accept pretty long batteries (up to around 76-77mm in length)

A nicely designed featured that I observed is the three raised tabs that each slot has.
Thanks to the multiple bumps, the manufacturer ensures that any type of battery can make good contact with the charging plates.

At any given time, the charger displays information about only one cell.
The user can scroll through all the 4 slots by pressing the 'Slot' button.
By default, the charger automatically selects the charging speed considering the internal resistance and the voltage of the battery.
A constant press of the 'Slot' button enters the manual mode, which enables the user to selects the preferred charging current (up to 3A per cell! ).

Every 5 seconds, the information that's being displayed will be cycled through (Cell Voltage -> Charging Current -> Internal Resistance)
Here are a few pictures that will help you understand the whole deal.

Being a fast charger, the Miboxer C4-12 needs quite a bit of power to push a total of 12A through the cells.
The integrated power supply unit is 'AOK' branded and comes with some nice, long cables (Both EU and US plug models are available).
According to the engravings, its rated for 60 Watts of constant power and can work both on both USA's and EU's power grid.

For ease of carry, the power cord is detachable from the power supply unit.

In case of an emergency, the 4th slot of the charger can be turned into a powerbank by simply inserting
a cell while the PSU is disconnected. The USB slot is rated for a maximum of 1A current, which I found
to be pretty accurate.

To sum everything up, I have really enjoyed using the charger.
It automatically selects the best charging current, it allows you to use fast charging and its operation
is very simple and automated.
Another bonus point goes for the nice amount of information that the LCD displays.